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Readers Respond: Beauty Products and Allergic Reactions

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There are many products on the market that can cause an allergic reaction, depending on your skin. Recently one of the most talked about allergies involved a lip gloss from a major retailer. So we are wondering if you would use a lip gloss or any other product if it has an allergy alert?

Revlon 070 Soft Nude

This lipstick has an amazing color. Its not a nude where it blends into your face, but a nude that gives you natural looking lips. After the first couple of days of using it, it was fine. One day after coming home from school & washing my face, i felt these tiny bumps on the outline of my upper lip. I thought it was just a no problem. The next day they were bigger & my my lips feel super dry. I applied EOS Tangerine lip balm to it & thought it's be no worry. For the past days, they just got worst & spreaded to my bottom lip. After medicating it with Blistex & Carmex, they went away. I thought it was from sharing chapstick. Then i trie this lipstick & the next day, it happenes again! It only lasted 2 days b/c i knew what it was unlike last timw which lastedalmost a week. But i dont recommend this b/c my friend had the same reaction w/ her lipstick.
—Guest revlon

Baby Lips

I tried the Maybelline balm BabyLips and at first it made my lips feel smooth and moisturized, but within two days of continuous use my lips were swelling and burning even when I stopped using the balm. Worst of all, I have what appears to be a chemical burn surrounding my lower lip, its red, itchy, and feels like tight scarred skin. It makes my lower lip look like I have a permanent 5 o'clock shadow... I am allergic to some component of Benadryl so I don't know what to use to get relief. It's a catch-22
—Guest Miri

MAC lipgloss

I purchased a small tube of lipglass and I noticed that after each time I use it, I get these small bumps on my upper lip only. They aren't irritated, nor do they blister. The bumps arent even noticible to anyone unless I make it a point to draw their attention to them. My lips feel super dry afterwards. Te bumps go away after a few days of applying mentholatum. I am so glad I didn't pay full price for the items, and after seeing other people with similar reactions, I will be trashing it!
—Guest Renee


I used this Almay hypoallergenic lipgloss I bought for 8 bucks . I sqeezed it from the tube and put it on my lips, 4 minutes later my lips began to tingle. At first I thought it was part of the cool, crisp feeling you're supposed to get, 20 minutes later, my lips began to burn and swell. I also developed bumps, this is the second time a lipgloss has done this to me.
—Guest Guest

Philosophy birthday cake lip gloss

My lips are very swollen and weeping after using Philosophy lip gloss. I've had a shot, prescription for steroids and benadryl to try to combat this. From now on, it's vaseline lip therapy for me and nothing else.
—Guest MJ

Living hell

Nearly 2 months has gone by and the burning, itching, irritated, sore, blistering, red, peeling lips continue. I cannot even apply any lip gloss at all. Tylenol, cortisone cream, medicated lip cream $$$, antibiotic, NO lip color for nearly 2 months and still the hell continues. Word to the wise: DONT PURCHASE LIP PLUMPER!!!!!!!!
—Guest xlfatuation

Model Inc Nude Lip Gloss with light

I have never had any allergic reactions to products previousl. Both my sister and I used this product and experience peeling and burnt lips. My lips are still recovering and sore after two weeks. My whole face has had a reaction after my lips became infected after using this product.
—Guest Anne Landers

solution's here

Theres a solution to this kind of allergies: You can take out some old lipsticks and put it in a plastic box or bowl(microwave safe)then heat them in the microwave for 10sec. Then add some glycerin to it ,stir it a little, then again heat it in the microwave and keep on stirring. Heat it until it's liquid then store it in a small box. Be sure its covered and airtight, since you don't want fungus to grow over it right?? You can use a newly bought paintbrush to apply it. DONT USE THE BRUSH TO PAINT AFTERWARDS.
—Guest KJ

I used it too

I used to wear it but it's all chemicals so I stopped a few days ago.
—Guest yahhlitahl

Lip Glass Allergic Reactions

A while ago I used MAC's LipGlass. After a few uses, my lips became irritated and burned. I thought it was MAC but it happened to a similar gloss with the wand in the tube. I don't have this reaction to gloss without the wand that is squeezed from a tube but I love the colors of the glosses with the wands better than the squeeze. Do you know what could be the ingredient that is common to these glosses with applicator wands and could you recommend those that have no reported allergens?
—Guest Angela

plumping gloss

I've found that any type of plumping lip gloss gives me an allergic reaction. My lips start to sting and turn red. Maybe that's the goal, but I can definitely live without the 'bee-stung' allergic reaction myself! -Sharyn http://www.makeupforacne.net

NO Way

I know I am sensitive to chemicals and scents and would not purchase something to break out from it or get an asthma attack. No fun and life hazard. Thank you for the alert. I purchase alot of item from the internet and had thought of using sephora but I'm crossing it off the list. So many people don't read the fine print and give the items as gifts to young girls. How would the giver feel if the gift put the child in the hospital or worse. Take it off the market Now!!

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