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Makeup: Most Popular Articles

These articles are the most popular over the last month.
The Best Foundations for Women Over 40
No makeup can turn back time, but these fantastic foundation makeup products work to improve mature skin in addition to offering lightweight coverage.
How to Remove Acrylic Nails (Without Damaging...
How can I take off my fake nails? If you've decided that you've had enough of nail extensions and want to get back the natural look, then we've got easy and quick tips on how to safely remove fake nails in a snap.
9 Bargain to Splurge Foundations for Women Over...
As a continuation from the previous Top 5 Foundations for Women Over 40 , we realized that only listing
The Best Body Makeup Products
A list of the must-have body makeup products for all areas of your body, and for all budgets.
Quick Tips for Matching Eyeshadow to Your Eye...
You know the dilemma; you want to wear eyeshadow but you’re not sure what color will look best with your eye color. Even though some say that you should coordinate your eyeshadow with your clothing, you should also pay attention to your actual eye color as well. But not to worry, because help is here with a quick tips list on how to match your eyeshadow to your eye color.
Makeup Tips for Everyday Pictures and...
Everyday makeup can sometimes be a hassle, so when it comes to figuring out what makeup you should wear for pictures and family photos your head can go into an instant tailspin. That is, until now. We’re here to give you some easy makeup tips so you can look perfect in your next photo, whether it’s professional or just a day out with friends.
How to Clean Your Makeup Brushes
If you haven't cleaned you makeup brushes within the past 2 weeks, or ever, then they are in desperate need of a bath. Typically, most experts suggest cleaning them weekly, but if you tend to forget or just think that's not accurate, then try to wash them at least every 2 weeks. It will only take a few minutes to wash them all, and if you do it at bedtime they will be nice and dry for use in the morning.
De-Germ Your Makeup and Makeup Accessories
When was the last time you cleaned your makeup and makeup accessories? If you said never, then please read on to find out how to de-germ all of your products in a snap.
Quick Tips - When to Toss Out Your Makeup
Some makeup has a longer life than others, and some of the more natural items can expire before the regular ones. So how do you know when to toss out your makeup and start fresh? Generally, some products should be tossed out every season while others can last for at least two years. Here is a quick tip guide for you to use as a general rule of thumb.
How-to Apply Fake Nails at Home
Are you afraid of applying fake nails yourself? Well don't be! Applying at-home fake nails are very easy to pull off, and they will make your hands appear manicured and lovely in the end. Just follow our easy How-to for at-home fake nails, and you'll have a full set of pristine nails in minutes.
How Your Diet Can Affect Your Nails
Are you desperate to have long nails? Did you know that your diet can affect how your nails growth and the nail health. Follow these easy tips to understand how to feed your nails properly.
Top 10 Anti-Aging Makeup Primer Splurges and...
Sometimes finding the perfect mature skin foundation is impossible, so what are you supposed to do? Instead of focusing on what the foundation can or can’t do, focus on what you should apply before your foundation. A great anti-aging makeup primer can give your skin the lift it needs, while hydrating throughout the day, and keeping you makeup in place. So if you’re having a foundation crisis, then try another approach with a top anti-aging makeup primer bargain or splurge.
Top Lash Growth Serums and Mascaras
Gone are the days of wishing you had longer, thicker eyelashes. With new technology and product invention, taking your sparse eyelashes from nothing to fabulous is as easy as applying mascara and waiting for 4-6 weeks.
Top 10 Hydration Mists
Hydrating mists are great to have, especially in the heat of summer or the extreme cold of winter. Using a hydration mist is great no matter what makeup you are wearing since they hydrate, refresh, protect, and can even help to set your makeup.
What to Choose: Foundation, BB, or CC Creams?
In this post I break down the differences between foundations, BB creams, and CC creams. Super easy product knowledge and tips, find which formula is best for you!
Top 5 BB Creams to Try at Least Once
Our list of the top BB Creams that you should try at least once.
Get Smokey Eyes
A quick and very easy guide to creating a great smokey eye look, without having to be an expert makeup artist. Plus, if your budget is virtually non-existent, we will help remedy this by supplying tips for affordable color as well as multi-use products for your smokey eye look.
Best Mineral Makeup Products
Mineral makeup is hugely popular--but which products are REALLY worth it? We've rounded the best mineral makeup finds for every budget to help you stock your makeup bag.
Make Your Eyes Appear Younger
They say 40 is fabulous and 50 is even better, but tell that to your eyes because for some reason I don’t think they got the memo. So how can you get younger looking eyes without Botox? There is an easy way and even though you won’t look like a teenager again, you will look like you still have some pep in your step.
Homemade Makeup Tips
If you have ever looked in your medicine cabinet, pantry, or refrigerator you may have noticed that there are several food or general beauty items that you could actually use for homemade makeup. When you’re in a pinch for a lip stain, eyeshadow, or face powder there is no need to make a mad dash to your local pharmacy. Instead head for your bathroom or your kitchen.
Easy at-Home French Manicure
Would you like to be able to perfect the timeless classic nail design of a French manicure? If so, then use our easy to follow how-to, complete with easy to follow steps. You will have a beautiful, yet understated French manicure in no time flat.
Choosing a Foundation
When it comes to choosing the correct foundation for your skin type, most women feel they need to have a PhD in astrophysics to fully understand which is best, when, and why. No worries though, because choosing a foundation to meet your skins' needs is easier than you think.
Makeup Recycling Programs
class="no-js" itemscope itemtype="http://schema.org/Article" > itemprop="description" >Being "green"
Top High Definition Makeup
High definition makeup is almost as popular as mineral makeup. However, the really great thing about high definition makeup is they contain light reflectors and other ingredients to give your skin a flawless finish. This is wonderful when you are taking photographs or working in television, but it is also great for more mature skins. Basically high definition makeup can make your skin not only look flawless, but younger as well.
Quick and Easy at-Home Lip Stain
Lip Stain keeps popping up in beauty news. There are currently several to choose from, but it's not a well-used product yet. Well give it time, because lip stain will soon be the new lip gloss. If you want to experience the benefits of lip stain before buying one, I have a great at-home lip stain you can try, and it will only cost a couple of bucks.
Break the Nail Biting Habit with Nail Extensions
Are you longing to be able to show off your hands or you have a special day coming up that you can't face having bitten nails for? Then perhaps having fake nails temporarily is the answer.
Top Makeup Products for Men
Our list of the top makeup products for men.
Thrifty Makeup Tips - Tips for Stretching Your...
Things can be tough at times, which can make it difficult to keep purchasing your favorite makeup items. Well, your makeup can last longer than you realize, plus there are ways to save money by not tossing the leftovers in the trash. Here are some great thrifty makeup tips to help you stretch the life of your makeup.
Artificial Nails for Beginners
Are you tired of your nails looking bitten or chipped? Do you want that perfect and polished look for a special occasion or just to make you feel good? Follow our tips and you'll have great looking nails in no time.
Review of Miracle Skin Transformer SPF20
Beauty industry expert, Sarah McNamara, has created a new multi-tasking product whose job is to give you buildable coverage while adding in antioxidants and an SPF20. McNamara states that Miracle Skin Transformer works as a luminous, yet weightless, hydrating base with a buildable coverage that works to transforms your skin into a beautiful airbrushed finish. So does the product actually work, and does it really leave your skin looking virtually flawless without a trace of heavy foundation?
How do I Remove Nail Polish from my Carpet?
Accidents happen and nearly everyone at some point has dripped or spilled nail polish on the carpet. This doesn't mean that you carpet is ruined because there is a very easy way to get nearly all of the nail polish out of the carpet fibers without having to replace it.
Look Professional in 5-Minutes
Whether you are already a business woman or you have a job interview, you should make sure that your makeup looks appropriate. So if you are already living life in high speed, there will be little time for makeup. However, there are some very quick and easy steps to take, so you can look professional in 5-minutes or less.
10 Must-Have Carmine Free Lipsticks and Lip...
If you have ever read the ingredients list on your favorite red lipstick or lip gloss then you are fully
Top Waterproof Makeup
Our top picks for waterproof makeup products.
Best Tinted Moisturizers
We've tested the hottest tinted moisturizers to find the best options for every price point.
Review of Garnier Skin Renew BB Cream
Our review of Garnier’s Skin Renew BB Cream
Easy Makeup Tips for Your Hair Color
If you’ve recently changed your hair color, added highlights, or if you’re naturally rocking a hot natural color have you thought about what makeup will look the best for your shade? With so many shades and choices it can be very confusing, so we’ve done the leg work for you by bringing you the best makeup tips for every hair color.
Erase Years Instantly with Concealer
Want to take off a few years instantly? All you need is a clean face and a good concealer, and you’ll be able to erase a few years before you know it.
Top Self Tanner Splurges and Deals
Spring time is here and it is officially time to get rid of the winter blahs. It's time to think about fun in the sun and getting ready to squeeze into your new bikini. But first, you need to think of preparing you skin for the show. Let's face it, after a long dreary winter your skin can look pretty lifeless. So what can you do? Let's play it safe and grab a bottle of self tanner, then you can get ready to shop for that new hot bathing suit.
How to Avoid Nail Infections
Are you suffering with a persistent and difficult to clear nail infection? Is your nail painful to the touch, or perhaps has a green or yellow discoloration to it? It is likely that you have contracted a fungal nail infection. Following these tips will help to clear any problems you may have.
Top 20 Summer Product Must-Haves
Summer is quickly sneaking up on us, which means it's time to change your makeup wardrobe to fit the season. Summer is all about shimmer and sun-kissed skin, but there are other things to keep in mind too, such as sunscreen, self tanner, and insect repellants. This summer, make the most of your time outdoors by being prepared with these great summer product must-haves.
Quick Tips: Stop Makeup Meltdown
Memorial Day is the unofficial kick-off for summer time, which means the heat is about to wreak havoc on your makeup. But no matter what time of year it is, your makeup can have a meltdown at any time of the day. So how can you stop this from happening? There are some really easy quick tips that will help stop makeup meltdown.
How to Apply and Remove Fake Nails
There's no reason to be afraid of applying fake nails that use glue to keep them in place. Even though it can be intimidating, the fake nails that are available now are a lot easier to apply and remove. So take a breath and relax, then follow our step-by-step on how to apply fake nails. Your nails will go from blah to glam in minutes. Page 3.
Top 10 Mascara Splurges and Deals
All cosmetic companies believe their mascara is the best one on the market, but which ones actually are the best? Stop living with hearsay and begin with these top mascara splurges and steals, so you can find the best mascara for your budget and maybe still have enough for that matching handbag.
Top 10 Lip Gloss Splurges and Deals
A list of the top 10 lip gloss deals and splurges. With such a wide variety, there is a lip gloss to fit everyone's budget.
Top Green Makeup Product Deals
Being green is the big thing now. If you are interested in going green with your makeup but you don't think that you would be able to afford it, help is here. Check out this list of some of the top natural makeup items that you can afford on a shoestring budget.
Top 10 Red Lipstick Splurges and Steals
Nothing is more feminine than a great set of red lips. No matter what your age, skin tone, or face shape, there is a perfect red lipstick color for everyone. The one great thing about the timeless shade of red lipstick is that there are always options in price for every budget. So get ready for fall and winter by finding a great red lipstick or two.
A Makeup Artists Guide for Concealer
everything you need to know about concealer and how to use it, read my makeup artists tips for finding the perfect concealer for you!
Review of Bare Minerals Ready SPF20 Foundation
Our review of Bare Minerals Ready SPF20 Foundation
More Top Mascara Splurges and Deals
Mascara tends to be one of the most searched and sought after makeup items, ranking right up there with lipstick and lip gloss. Last year we gave you the Top 10 Mascara Bargains and Splurges, so we are continuing the list this year by adding some of the latest releases in the world of mascara. Even though things are tougher now than last year, there is still a good mascara out there for any and every budget.
Makeup Tips - What to Wear at an Amusement Park
Amusement parks have always been a favorite pastime in the United States, and now in other countries around the world. The fun of riding thrill rides, eating food you normally wouldn't eat, and getting completely drenched with your clothes on is something that most people have to revisit yearly, if not many times a year. But have you ever wondered what makeup you should wear while at the park? Well, wonder no longer because we've got you covered.
Review of Ossential™ Radical Night Repair
Dr. Zein Obagi has come out with a wonderful new line of treatment products in his ZO Skin Health™ line call Ossential™. The Ossential™ Collection includes Daily Power Defense, Growth Factor Serum, and the super potent and concentrated miracle in a bottle Radical Night Repair. I got to test the Radical Night Repair to see if it is a go or a no. So how did Dr. Obagi's Ossential™ Radical Night Repair do? Read for yourself to see the outcome.
Quick Tips: Defining an Asian Eye
Women with Asian eyes sometimes tend to not know how to define them correctly. The main focus should
Splurge Vs. Steal: Mascara
With so many mascaras to choose from, sometimes it can be hard to narrow down which formula is best for you. Learn about each type of mascara, and find the right formula for you!
Review of Ommerse™ Overnight Recovery...
Dr. Zein Obagi has come out with a wonderful new line of treatment products in his ZO Skin Health™ line call Ommerce™. The Ommerce™ Collection includes Daily Renewal Crème and the very nourishing Overnight Recovery Crème. I got to test the Overnight Recovery Crème to see if it is a go or a no. So how did Dr. Obagi's Ommerce™ Overnight Recovery Crème do? Read for yourself to see the outcome.
How to Look Flawless with High Definition Makeup
After setting the foundation with a regular powder you should now apply a high definition powder with a powder brush. This will give your skin a more flawless finish in all lighting. Page 5.
Bare Minerals Getting Started Kit Review
This review takes a close look at the Bare Minerals Getting Started Kit from Bare Escentuals.Is this product easy to use and give you great, natural-looking coverage? As a new mineral makeup user, I put it to the test.
Top Face Makeup Products Made in the USA
Our top picks for the top face makeup products made in the USA
Review of Miracle Skin Transformer Body SP20
Our Review of Miracle Skin Transformer Body SP20.
Top 10 Mascaras on the Cheap
We all love mascara, but sometimes buying a new mascara every three to six months can start to add up each year. Well you don’t have to skimp on quality when you cut the price, and we’re going to prove it to you. So take a few minutes and look over our latest list of top mascaras on the cheap, and save yourself some cash while continuing to have fabulous lashes.
How To: Create Your Own Lipstick Palette
Learning how to de-pot your lipsticks and make a customized palette will simplify your makeup routine. Follow my simple steps on how to do this at home!
Review of Offects™ Exfoliating Polish
Dr. Zein Obagi has come out with a wonderful new line of treatment products in his ZO Skin Health™ line call Offects™. The Offects™ Collection includes TE Pads Acne Pore Treatment as well as his heavenly Exfoliating Polish. I got to test the Exfoliating Polish to see if it is a go or a no. So how did Dr. Obagi's Offects™ Exfoliating Polish do? Read for yourself to see the outcome.
Smokey Eyes Step-by-Step
A smokey eye is always hot, sexy, and very trendy. There are different variations of the smokey eye, so you can go classic matte, shimmery, or even use different color as you see fit. There are no rules on color or texture just a general guideline on how-to apply it correctly. Our smokey eyes step-by-step will guide you through the general application; it will be up to you to tweak it and make it your own.
REVIEW: L’Oreal Studio Secrets Magic...
A review of L’Oreal’s Magic Perfecting Base
How to at-Home Manicure
Are you tired of paying salon prices? Would you like to know how to give yourself a cheap and effective at-home manicure? These are easy tips on how to have the perfect nails in a short period of time.
Review of the "Bobbi Brown Makeup Manual"
Bobbi Brown's Makeup Manual is the new beauty bible for everyone from novice to professional. If there
How to Apply Mineral Makeup
Mineral Makeup is a big trend right now, especially for those that want to look natural while wearing makeup or just want a more natural product. No matter what the reason, the over abundance of mineral makeup lines available makes it all very clear; minerals are big and they're here to stay.
Quick Tips: Emphasizing Your Cheeks
Too much color on your cheeks can make you look clown-like, while not enough can wash you out. So where is the perfect balance for emphasizing your natural cheek tone and definition? It's a lot easier than we make it seem.
Review of Too Faced Amazing Face Oil-Free...
Do you long for a foundation that could leave your skin looking naturally airbrushed? Then you need to read our honest and full review of the Amazing foundation from Too Faced Cosmetics.
Choosing a Foundation Color
Do you have the detached look, when your face stands out from your neck? This happens when your foundation doesn't properly match your skin tone. Well don't worry because it's actually very easy to choose the best foundation color.
Review of L’Oreal Youth Code BB Cream...
Our review of L’Oreal Youth Code BB Cream Illuminator.
100% Pure
100% Pure is a company that manufactures makeup, skin care, hair care and kids products that are 100% pure and free from synthetics, chemicals, artificial fragrances, detergents, artificial colors and toxins including lead. Basically you get a great product that is completely natural and certified organic, without concern for your health.
Makeup Help from the American Cancer Society
class="no-js" itemscope itemtype="http://schema.org/Article" > itemprop="description" >Who is Involved
Review of Maybelline COLOSSAL Volum' Express...
Maybelline New York, the maker of the original cult favorite Great Lash Mascara, has come out with a fabulous new mascara called Colossal Volum' Express. The name itself screams enormous lashes, but once you get past the name and ultra trendy container does the mascara actually do what it says it will? And how does it stand up against Cover Girl's Lashblast mascara?
Review of Maybelline Instant Age Rewind...
Maybelline New York has come out with a new foundation compact that is supposed to give you dual coverage, a youthful glow, and a reduction in the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles all without caking. So are Maybelline's claims for their Instant Age Rewind Foundation true or did they fall flat? The foundation isn't available until July 1st, 2008 but I tried was able to try it beforehand. Find out if the foundation is a must-have or have-not.
Review of Mary Kay Mineral Powder Foundation
Mary Kay has jumped on the mineral makeup bandwagon by offering a Mineral Powder Foundation. So how does the Mary Kay Mineral Makeup hold up?
Your Foundation Bucket List
Do you have a bucket list? What about a beauty bucket list? There are certain more expensive beauty products that can't be afforded on a daily basis by the average budget. So why not kick-start your beauty bucket list with high-end foundations that you should try at least once in your lifetime.
Top 5 Holiday Makeup Sets
Makeup sets have to be one of the top requested cosmetic gifts, besides fragrances. But let's face it, there are a lot of makeup sets on the market during the holiday season, so how can you tell which one is the best bet? Here you can check out the top performers in the world of makeup gift sets, and you can find something for everyone no matter what your holiday budget.
SpaRitual Vegan Nail Lacquers
class="no-js" itemscope itemtype="http://schema.org/Article" > itemprop="description" >This fall allow
Top Lip Products Made in the USA
Our picks for the top lip products made in the USA
You Need This: Smith's Rosebud Salve
Today is about multi-tasking, so why not have a product that multi-tasks as well? Smith's Rosebud Salve is a true multi-tasker, since it can be used on lips, face, body, and even hair. That is why you definitely need this universal product.
Review of Palladio Rice Powder
Palladio Cosmetics, based out of Hollywood, Florida, is a cruelty-free line of products. This review is of their rice-based facial powder.
Review of L'Oreal Double Extend Beauty Tubes...
L'Oreal Paris has come out with a new lengthening and nourishing mascara that is meant to resemble false lashes or the professional salon lash extensions you can pay tons of money for. This dual-ended mascara claims to be smudge-proof, clump-free, and flake-proof all while lengthening your lashes by 80%. With it's easy to wash away formula, who could ask for more? But does it really hold up to the claims?
Review of Mineral Fusion Fresh Face Intro Kit
We are in an age where mineral makeup is normally found loose and can be messy, especially if you accidentally drop the container. Mineral Fusion has taken the benefit of loose mineral makeup and formulated it into a great pressed powder that is easy to carry and not as messy to use. The great bonus about Mineral Fusion is that they have a multitude of vitamins and minerals that not only protect your skin, but also improves moisture and strengthens while acting as an anti-wrinkle agent.
5 Must Have Products from Nuance Cosmetics
5 must have beauty buys under $20 each
You -VS- the Makeup Counter (Round Two)
In a continuation of You -VS- the Makeup Counter (Round One), round two will cover what you should think of asking while at the counter. Plus, while you are there, you should also know what to actually look for so you don't waste your time or money. So strap on your boxing gloves and get ready for round two of the makeup counter battle.
Review of Oclipse™ Sunscreen and Primer...
Oclipse™ Sunscreen and Primer SPF30 is a state of the art multi-purpose makeup primer from the brilliant mind of Dr. Zein Obagi. Since most women love to use a makeup primer alone or under makeup, this wonderful multitasking product is meant to protect, hydrate, smooth and prime, and even stimulate collagen production. So how well did it compare to other brands?
Review of Koh Gen Do Maifanshi UV Face Powder...
Our review of Koh Gen Do UV Face Powder SPF20
Bridal Beauty Tips
Your wedding day is one of the biggest moments of your life and every woman wants to look perfect and as close to a Princess as possible. Most women will have their hair done professionally, but what about your makeup? Whether you hire a makeup artist or do it yourself, there are some great bridal beauty tips available to help you know what you want, as well as be prepared for the big day.
How to Stop Nail Biting
Are you are a nail biter? Get quick and easy help on how to stop biting your nails, including available therapies, support systems and several nail biting treatments.
Review of Mystic Tan Perfect Tan Kit (Body)
Mystic Tan is known for their famous spray tanning booths. Now they have taken the booth experience and conveniently packaged it for at-home use. But can the average home-tanner use it and get salon quality results? I put it to the test to find out.
How to Deal with Ingrown Toenails
Are you suffering from ingrown toenails? This disorder can be completely debilitating if not treated promptly because infection can occur. The following guidance will help determine whether your nail is infected and how best to treat it.
Beauty Tips for a Rock Concert
If you have ever been to a concert, no matter what genre the band may fall under, it's always hard to decide what your makeup and beauty routine should be. No matter the location or band there certain beauty tips that everyone can use for all concert occasions, rock concert or not.
Easing Your Way into Self Tanner
If you are a self tanning virgin, then it can be both overwhelming and scary at the same time. But if you are still longing to get rid of that pale winter skin and strut your stuff this summer with a great looking safe tan, there is hope. There are a few great products you can use when you are beginning to self tan, and they help to ease your way into using regular self tanner.
Review of Bite Beauty Lush Lip Tint
Our review of Bite Beauty Lush Lip Tint
How To: Apply Individual Fake Lashes
How to apply individual fake lashes
Review of Liplicious Lip Gloss
Our review of Liplicious Lip Gloss
Top Eye Makeup Products Made in the USA
Our picks for the top eye makeup products made in the USA.
How to Create Nail Art
Free-hand or airbrushing nail art can be fun, inventive, and therapeutic. Would you like to create some bold and outrageous nail art designs for yourself? Then follow our easy tips and soon your nails will be fun and fabulous.
Do I Really Need to Use an Eye Cream?
Should you apply a separate eye cream for your eyes, or is your regular face cream good enough?
You -VS- The Makeup Counter (Round One)
Approaching a makeup counter in the mall can be intimidating and sometimes scary at times, especially if you are unsure of yourself or your skin isn't exactly perfect. But the truth is that there is no reason for you to feel this way. As an ex-makeup artist and makeup counter cosmetics-slinger, I am going to tell you how to approach them, what to ask, what to look for, and how to feel more comfortable while doing it.
5 Easy Ways to Care for Hands and Nails in Winter
Winter is a great time to enjoy outdoor hobbies with family and friends, and the last thing you need to worry about is protection for your hands and nails. So before you head outside or enjoy the season from the warmth of your home there are a few simple tips to keep in mind during the cold days of winter.
Top SPF Foundation Splurges and Deals
SPF should always be at the top of everyone's list when it comes to skin products. This is no different when we think about foundation. A great foundation should begin with at least an SPF15, in order to give you some kind of coverage throughout the year for the delicate skin on your face. The best part is that SPF foundations come in a wide variety of prices, so no matter what you current budget you will be able to find a great SPF foundation bargain or splurge to fit your needs.
How do I Correct Self Tanning Mistakes?
Whether you are an avid self tanner or just starting out, we have all made some sort of self tanning mistake. If you have darkened knees and elbows, streaks, or marks and spots on your hands, feet, and ankles there is a very easy way to blend it out without ruining your hard work.
Spring Product Must-Haves
Once spring is in full swing, there is so much to get out and enjoy since the days are growing longer and warmer. So the last thing you need to do is worry about what makeup products you should have on hand to break out of your winter time blues. Instead of buying too much or not having the rights products, relax and enjoy the season because we have done the research for you giving you a great spring product must-haves list.
Review of Neutrogena Shine Control Liquid Makeup
Our review of Neutrogena Shine Control Liquid Makeup
Review of Pur Minerals 4-in-1 Pressed Mineral...
Pur Minerals produces some of the most high-quality mineral makeup on the market. They not only produce makeup items, but treatment products as well. With that in mind, I decided that I wanted to test and review their famous 4-in1 Pressed Mineral Makeup, to compare it to the other mineral lines and to see what all of the hype was. So what is my verdict?
Review of Neutrogena Shine Control Primer
Our review of Neutrogena Shine Control Primer
Review of Bite Beauty Line & Define Lip Primer
Our review of Bite Beauty Line & Define Lip Primer
Review of Alba Very Emollient Sunless Tanner
Our review of Alba Very Emollient Sunless Tanner
What Makeup Lines are Available at Macy's?
A full list of the various makeup lines and cosmetics available for purchase at Macy's stores and on the Macy's website.
L'Oreal Telescopic Clean Definition Mascara
Cosmetic companies are constantly coming up with a new mascara while hoping that it will do something new to intrigue you, as the consumer. L'Oreal's new Telescopic Clean Definition mascara actually does something new and I think it will be a hit with consumers.
CoverGirl & Olay Simply Ageless Collection
CoverGirl & Olay Simply Ageless Collection is a unique blend of CoverGirl foundation and Olay Regenerist Serum. The result of the combination of products is an improved texture in your skin, along with a beautiful glow. The product doesn't sit in fine lines and wrinkles, but instead stays suspended over them so you get a more youthful appearance. The collection comes in a variety of products which include foundation, blush, corrector, and concealer.
Review of My Pretty Pink Box
A new sampling company started by Linda Granillo, who was tired of trying to find an affordable and really great beauty sample box. My Pretty Pink Box debuted October 2008, packed with six to seven great beauty only samples, and at least one or two full sized products. The box is available monthly, and contents and price change with each one.
Review of 29 Cosmetics VARIETALS Hydrating...
29 Cosmetics is a fabulous line for women of today. They are focused around achieving natural beauty while protecting the skin as well. Lydia Mondavi has designed the brand around these concepts, and has ended up holding true to her vision. 29 Cosmetics is a truly wonderful and luxurious makeup and skin care line for women of the 21st century.
All About Everyday Minerals Cosmetics
Carina Menzies founded Everyday Minerals in hopes of bringing women real makeup and skincare that is not only good for them, but affordable as well.
Review of Everyday Minerals Mineral Makeup
Using organic and natural products are all the rage now. Not only do we want to be careful of what we put into our bodies, but we also want to know what we are putting on our bodies. The downside with all-natural and organic products are the price. Normally the prices for organics tend to be higher, which means there are some people that cannot afford to buy them. Fortunately Everyday Minerals is an all-natural and organic cosmetic line, and the bonus is that it is very affordable.
What Makeup Lines are Available at Dillards?
A full list of the various makeup lines and cosmetics available for purchase at Dillards stores and on the Dillards website.
More Summer Product Must-Haves
With summer in full swing, there is so much to get out and enjoy while the days are long and warm. So the last thing you need to do is worry about what makeup products you should have on hand for summertime fun. Instead of buying too much or not having the rights products, relax and enjoy the season because we have done the research for you and came up with a great summer makeup and beauty must-haves list.
Sometimes I Get Clumps in My Lashes. How do I...
No matter what brand or formula of mascara you use, eventually you will get a clump in your lashes. But don't toss the mascara because there is an easy fix.
How to Apply Self Tanner
It's that time of year again. Spring is here and our skin has been left pale and lifeless because of winter. Before you even think of hitting the beach or stepping foot into a swimsuit, you should think of using a self tanner. After all, you don't want to blind everybody with your bright, pale, winter skin.
Review of IT Cosmetics Eyes of Seduction Kit
IT Cosmetics offers a very wide variety of makeup collections for abs, breasts, legs, mouth, and eyes. Each collection comes with everything you need to get the job done, and they even offer an add-on waterproof bronzer. The line's co-founder and CEO, Jamie Kern Lima has come up with several wonderful collections to help improve anyone's appearance, even celebrities and pageant winners.
L'Oreal Infallible Never Fail Lipgloss
The Infallible collection from L'Oreal Paris is known for its fabulous staying power, so how did their new Infallible Never Fail Lipgloss stand up?
How do I Know When My Makeup Products will...
: How do I Know When My Makeup Products will Expire? There are general rules of thumb to follow when
Review of Buxom Big & Healthy Lip Cream
Our review of Buxom Big & Healthy Lip Cream
Is Your Nail Salon up to Scratch?
Do you frequently go to the nail salon to get your nails done? If so, do you know how to spot a dirty nail salon and help prevent nail infections? Follow these must-have tips on how to watch for hygiene standards with your nail technician, and keep your nails free from fungal infections.
Top 10 at-Home Nail Art Products
Our list of the Top 10 at-home nail art products.
Review of Hair Flairs Color Rub
Our review of Hair Flairs Color Rub
Review of Neutrogena Shine Control Powder
Our review of Neutrogena Shine Control Powder
Review of Pixi Tinted Brilliance Balm
Our review of Pixi Tinted Brilliance Balm
Review of Soap & Glory Glow Getter Sun Powder...
Soap & Glory has a plethora of fabulous makeup and beauty products so company founder, Marcia Kilgore, has decided to release another potentially great product to give us all beautifully bronzed skin without the wait of tanning or a self tanner. Glow Getter is a sun powder spray that gives your skin an airbrushed finish. But there is more you should know about the Glow Getter Sun Powder Spray before you run out to buy it.
What Makeup Lines are Available at Saks Fifth...
A full list of the various makeup lines and cosmetics available for purchase at Saks Fifth Avenue stores and on the Saks Fifth Avenue website.
What Makeup Lines are Available at Neiman Marcus?
A full list of the various makeup lines and cosmetics available for purchase at Neiman Marcus stores and on the Neiman Marcus website.
Review of Miracle Skin Transformer Treat &...
Beauty industry expert, Sarah McNamara, has created a new multi-tasking product whose job is to give you a flawless look while minimizing fine lines, and reducing dark circles and discoloration. So does the product actually work?
Quick Tip - The Ease of Using a Lip Stain
A lip stain pen may seem scary at first but they are actually very easy to use and will give your lips a beautiful and natural color for hours.
You Need This: Everyday Minerals Flat Top Brush
For all mineral makeup lovers worldwide, you all know how important it is to have a great brush to apply the makeup well. Even though most people will side with the Kabuki brush, there is a fabulous Flat Top Brush from Everyday Minerals that may trump the Kabuki brush.
Review of Nails Inc. Magnetic Nail Polish
A review of Nails Inc. Magnetic Nail Polish
You Need This: All-Over Cover Stick
Sometimes you just don't have enough time to apply a full face of makeup, and there are other times when you don't want to wear all of that makeup. That is why you need this All-Over Cover Stick.
Rosario Dawson
An Image Gallery of Hollywood Red Lip Ideas. Page 9.
Stunning Wedding Day Nails
What ideas are there for wedding day nails? Get inspiration for beautiful nails on your wedding day with these fun ideas.
Review of Soap & Glory Flake Away Scrub
Marcia Kilgore, the founder of Bliss Spas, has taken her high-end body products and made them more easily assessable and affordable to everyone by creating the Soap & Glory line. Marcia partnered with Target Stores in order to be able to give consumers affordable products that are also highly accessible. Soap & Glory now offers 14 products in their collection, one of which is Flake Away body polish.
Top 5 Cheek Colors For Spring
This spring, pink is in. No matter what your skin tone, you desperately need a good pink blush. Pink will give you that nicely subtle flushed look without looking like a rag doll. The more screaming pink the color is in the container, the prettier it will look on your cheeks. And for those that can’t wrap your head around the idea of pink, there is also a great choice of Spring colors in a peach/pink tone.
Review of C.O. Bigelow Lemon Lip Balm
Our review of C.O. Bigelow Lemon Lip Balm
Max Factor Vivid Impact Mascara
Curious about Max Factor's new Vivid Impact Mascara? Want a honest and straight forward review of the product? Well look no further.
Top Makeup Brush Splurges and Deals
A good set of makeup brushes are a must-have for great makeup application, and depending on your budget and need there is a perfect fit for everyone. Well we’ve done the leg work for you and have found the top makeup brush splurges and deals, so you too can put together your own makeup brush collection.
Review of Off! Smooth and Dry Insect Repellent
Whether you are gardening or visiting a festival or fair, you can be guaranteed that you will be accompanied by insects as well. In the past, it used to be a dreadful thought to have to apply insect repellent. Not only were insect repellents greasy or sticky, but they also had a very unpleasant odor as well. So how did Off! Smooth and Dry Insect Repellent stand up to the test?
Cargo blu_ray Mascara
A review of Cargo's new blu_ray high definition mascara.
Review of EmerginC Tinted Blemish Control
Our review of EmerginC’s Tinted Blemish Control Drying Lotion
Review of Cover Girl LashBlast Mascara
Cover Girl has hit the nail on the head with their new LashBlast mascara. With it's enormous wand and patented volume-boosting formula, there will be no more puny lashes left in the world.
Review of Pixi Endless Silky Eye Pen
Our review of Pixi Endless Silky Eye Pen

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