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Review of My Pretty Pink Box

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My Pretty Pink Box
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The Bottom Line

A great way to sample up-and-coming companies, as well as some already well-known products. My Pretty Pink Box is packed with just the right amount of goodies, for just the right low price.


  • Contains 6-7 samples from different cosmetic companies
  • You get 1-2 full sized products
  • Contents change monthly
  • Variety of perfume, makeup, and skincare in one box
  • You get to try products from great companies before buying


  • They sell out quickly


  • Brought Together by Linda Granillo
  • Contents - 6 to 7 products, including 1-2 full sized items
  • Distribution - Monthly
  • Price - Low priced, but price changes with contents
  • Available from their Website

Guide Review - Review of My Pretty Pink Box

Recently I was contacted by Linda Granillo, the person behind "My Pretty Pink Box", informing me of their launch and offering to send me the box for October. I love samples and have been eager to see a company that does a sample program without making the consumer spend an arm and a leg. So, I immediately excepted the offer and then anxiously waited to see what would come inside the box.

Once it arrived, the packaging was very slim-lined and pretty. Inside I found six different sample bags, some with multiple samples. One of the sample bags included a full-sized lip gloss tin, which was very nice. Even though the companies can change each month, here are the companies I received samples from:

    • e.l.f Cosmetics
    • The Body Candy Shop
    • Mark by Avon
    • Tu Bella Perfumed Body Oil and Beauty
    • Dash Minerals Makeup and Skincare
    • PRAI Beauty Products

I enjoyed trying, smelling, and feeling all of the products that were sent. Honestly I have never used Mark (by Avon) products and yet I have to say that I have fallen in love with their Glow Baby Glow lip gloss. I also believe I may have found a new favorite fragrance company with Tu Bella. The sample of "1943" reminded me of Chanel 22, which is my all-time favorite heavier fragrance. Overall, the bottom line for "My Pretty Pink Box" is that it is definitely a great idea that gives all of us a chance to try some really great smaller companies. Compared to some of the other beauty sampling programs, My Pretty Pink Box should be at the top of your must-have list. The fact of having to pay very little for a beauty box is wonderful, and what a great boxed gift to come home to when you have had a hectic day. My Pretty Pink Box is definitely a 5-star idea for all women.

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