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Review of Mukha Essentials / Mukha Custom Cosmetics & Medi-spa


Mukha Essentials Color Palette

Mukha Color Palette(inside)

Photo Taken by: Faith Lawless

About Mukha

Tim Maurer, president and creator of Mukha Essentials and Mukha Custom Cosmetics and Medi-spa, has been in the makeup industry for over 20 years. His experience as a master esthetician and international makeup artist has led him to create his own line of makeup and skincare, as well as open his own Medi-spa. Based in Columbus, Ohio Tim has brought the look of natural beauty and great skincare to the central Ohio area and to the world. Recently I was contacted by Tim to join him at Mukha Cosmetics & Medi-spa for a makeup and consultation session. Here is how my afternoon went:

Once I walked in the front door of Mukha I was instantly thrown into a wonderfully warm and inviting atmosphere. The entire staff was very friendly and courteous, and Tim himself was absolutely fabulous. Right away he took me on a tour of the spa and medi-spa rooms. Mukha is not only a custom cosmetic boutique, but also a medi-spa where they focus on dermal therapies and treatments as well as offering Botox and Restylane injections.

My One-on-One with Tim Maurer

After the tour Tim sat me down for a one-on-one makeup session, which he began by prepping my skin with two of his fabulous skincare products Hyalurepair Anti-Aging and Visulift. Ladies, the Visulift was like having Botox in a bottle without all of the needle pricks; fabulous! Once my skin was prepped Tim brought out his beautifully custom-created Palette. The container is so gorgeous that you could carry it as an evening clutch, since they are embellished with Swarovski Crystals. Inside is an area for six individual eyeshadow colors, a bronzer, and a powder blush, a mascara, a complete set of natural hair bamboo mini-brushes, a small mirror, and then an area for six lip colors, a cream to powder foundation, and a cream blush. The bonus to Mukha's Palette is that the cream side is covered with a protective cover and all products are just the right size to fit through the security check points at the airport.

The makeup itself went on very light and natural, and then Tim added a pop of color to my eyes. He then immediately lined them on the inside and outside to give me a little more "oomph". Tim also made over my friend and you can see her before and after in the picture section above. Overall Tim was extremely knowledgeable about the products and freely taught me as he applied them. Mukha's colors are made from natural minerals from the earth, so the colors are beautiful, the product is wonderful for you skin, and they never go rancid. That's right. No matter how many times you put your finger in the container, the product will never expire so you will get to use every single bit.

A Breakdown of Mukha's Products and Services

The Mukha Palette has a lot to offer since you can customized and switch out your favorite colors. The Palette starts at around $165 and goes up from there, depending on what and how much you fill. Once you see the palette, you would understand how affordable it really is since you can swap out any of the colors at any time. The Mukha Palette is so fabulous that you would have to pry it from my cold dead hands before I would let this one go. Mukha's colors are just plain phenomenal, and their Cream to Powder Foundation is beyond words. If you have ever looked in the mirror and wished that your makeup didn't look dry, cakey, or settled into your fine lines then you need to desperately check out Tim's Cream to Powder foundation. Basically a little bit goes a long way and even when it turns to powder it doesn't look "powdery" on your skin. It actually leaves you looking polished but natural at the same time.

Mukha's lip gloss and lip colors are some of the best feeling lip products that I have tried in a long time. The gloss is infused with peppermint which gives you a very slight plumping effect, plus it works as a breath freshener as well. The feel is very creamy where you would swear that it wasn't a lip gloss at all, and the perfectly hand-crimped natural hair brush allows you to apply it quickly and perfectly every time.

Mukha also has mascara, which is water-resistant, and the brush allows you to get to the base of your lashes and build them outward. Once Tim applied the mascara my eye lashes looked like he had glued on false lashes instead. The lashes were full, huge, and beautiful. While I was there I also got to see a custom blend take place, which means that if you have a lipstick nub or a little bit of a favorite blush and you can't find the color any longer, simply contact Mukha and they can try to duplicate it for you.

Other than the phenomenal makeup that Mukha has to offer, they also offer state of the art skincare items, fragrances, pain relief gel, travel candles, and even more if you are available for a visit to their Columbus location. To top things off their prices are very affordable, such as the Dual Beauty Wand that gives you two custom lip and/or cheek colors for only $20. Plus, they also offer Free Shipping for all orders placed online.

My Conclusion

After my visit with Tim at Mukha I have to admit that it brought out more of my independent beauty specialist side. He definitely has a knack for communication and getting a woman to feel wonderful about herself and her features. The fact that Tim has so much experience and talent is amazing and what's more amazing is that he shares all of his knowledge with us through the products and experience at Mukha. Finally there is a business that helps women find the colors and the products they need without the run-around. And finally there is someone that realizes how import natural products are for our skin, while helping us to look and feel better as well. Tim Maurer and Mukha may be the start of a new makeup revolution, and it will be exciting to see where he goes from here. The bottom line is that Mukha is a breath of fresh air in the makeup industry, and no matter if you can plan a visit to the Columbus location or simply order Tim's products online you will be awakened to a new and naturally beautiful you.

For More Information

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