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What trends will you see next season? What new products are in the works? Who's wearing what, what's in and what's out, and what lines aren't doing so hot? Find out all of these answers and more, right here.
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Best Budget Makeup Products – 2011 Readers’ Choice Winners
Best Budget Makeup Products – Winners from the 2011 About.com Readers’ Choice Awards

2011 About.com Readers' Choice Awards Finalists - Voting Closed
Vote today for your favorite budget makeup product, from the list of fabulous finalists. Voting is closed for 2011.

Spring Product Must-Haves
Once spring is in full swing, there is so much to get out and enjoy since the days are growing longer and warmer. So the last thing you need to do is worry about what makeup products you should have on hand to break out of your winter time blues. Instead of buying too much or not having the rights products, relax and enjoy the season because we...

Looks from New York Fashion Week
There were a lot of current and future makeup styles on the runways during New York Fashion Week for February 2010. From Stila to Estee Lauder and Bobbi Brown, there was definitely a little something for everyone's taste in makeup.

Get the Look: Olivia Palermo at the 2009 VMA's
The Video Music Awards (VMA's) is another occasion for beautiful in Hollywood to show off their best and freshest looks. Sometimes the fashions and makeup worn at Hollywood events make you want to run away screaming, while other times they make you strive to get the look for yourself. This year, Olivia Palermo had the look and here is how she got it.

Review of Mukha Essentials / Mukha Custom Cosmetics & Medi-spa
Tim Maurer, president and creator of Mukha Essentials, has been in the makeup industry for over 20 years. His experience as a master esthetician and international makeup artist has led him to create his own line of makeup and skincare. Based in Columbus, Ohio Tim has brought the look of natural beauty and great skincare to the central Ohio area and to the world.

Makeup Looks from the Oscars
Makeup look ideas from the red carpet at the 81st Annual Academy Awards.

5 New Makeup Product Must-Haves
Every change of season brings new colors and new makeup products. In a sea of endless shades, colors, and packages there are certain ones that stand out. While most colors are simply recycled shades from previous seasons, there are some unique and new must-have makeup products that you should grab for your makeup collection.

Makeup Tips from the Screen Actor's Guild Awards
The 15th Annual Screen Actor's Guild Awards premiered on Januray 25th, and the stars were out and shining brightly on the red carpet.

Makeup Looks from the Presidential Inaugural Balls
A pictorial look at some of the attendees to the numerous Presidential Inaugural Balls for 2009 in Washington DC.

Golden Globe Makeup Ideas
The Golden Globes is one of the most watched award shows in Hollywood. Each year, whether we watch it ourselves or not, there is an overwhelming analysis the following day on how good or bad the stars looked on the red carpet. We have taken some of the celebrities from the Golden Globes and show you what is needed to achieve their glamorous looks in your own home.

The New Smokey Eye Look
Smokey eyes are always a big hit, so leave it up to Hollywood to take a popular look and improve upon it. Recently we have been seeing several celebrities showcasing the new and upgraded version of the smokey eye. Gwyneth Paltrow showed off this drop-dead gorgeous look at the debut of Estee Lauder's Sensuous in New York. Now you can copy it for yourself.

Get the Look: Anne Hathaway at the Get Smart Special Screening
Anne Hathaway is one of the newest brand ambassadors for Lancome cosmetics, and one of the stars of the new movie "Get Smart". On June 19th Lancome hosted a special screening of the movie at the Core Club in New York. Anne was at the screening, looking as stunning as ever. And now, with the help of Lancome, you can duplicate Anne's fabulous look from the event.

Get the Look: Gwyneth Paltrow at the Iron Man Premiere
All of us have either opened a magazine or turned on the news to see a beautiful starlet at a movie premiere, and wondered how on earth we could get that same look. This is your chance to duplicate this natural, yet beautiful, look that Gwyneth dawned at the Los Angeles Iron Man premiere.

Meghan McCain - Favorite Makeup Items of a Senator's Daughter
Meghan McCain, the 23-year-old daughter of Presidential Candidate John McCain, is absolutely in love with makeup. But then again, who isn't? Back in January, Meghan posted on her blog a rather large list of what her favorite products are. Here is what the famous campaign-trekking McCain daughter likes to wear the most, if you would like to try some of them for yourself.

b.l.a.c Minerals: Makeup for Women of Color
A new mineral makeup line for women of color and all ethnic backgrounds.

Clinique Bonus Time
Ever wonder when Clinique Bonus Time is? Well, on the Clinique website you can check for upcoming Bonus Times at varies retailers.

Lancome Events and Gift Times
Ever wonder when Lancome gift with purchase will be coming to a retailer near you? How about a one-on-one with a Lancome Makeup Artist? Wonder no longer.

The Body Shop Spring Gift Time
The Body Shop is having their spring gift with purchase, until supplies last. Get your gift with a $55 purchase.

Reader's Choice Awards 2011 -- Nominate Your Favorites
Nominate Your Favorite Budget Makeup Products

Makeup Product Reviews
Ever wonder how certain makeup products stand up? Don't want to rush out and buy that new product without knowing how good it is first? I’m here to help answer these questions with my straight forward reviews of new and not so new products. Now you will know whether to spend your hard earned money or save it for an even better must-have later on.

Makeup trends that are going to be popular this Fall 2014 season

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