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Unforgettable Brows

Sometimes brows can be forgotten and neglected, but no more. A smartly groomed and kept brow can open the eye and even give the look of an instant eye lift. So grab you tweezers and prepare to groom.
  1. Brow Powder (4)

Brow Tips from Tyra Banks' Makeup Artist
Tyra's makeup artist, Valente, offers tips on how to get a perfect brow.

Oops, I Over-Plucked My Brows
A little Q & A on what to do when you go crazy plucking your brows.

Tips for Getting a Great Brow
Brow guru, Eliza Petrescu, gives advice on how to get great looking brows.

Grooming Your Brows to Look Beautiful
Harper's Bazaar made a list of 14 easy things you can do to make yourself look even better. Check out #9 to find out about taming your brows.

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