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Review of Hair Flairs Color Rub

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Hair Flairs Color Rubs
Image Provided by: Hair Flairs
Hair Flairs is a hair accent company that offers a wide variety of hair color products and accent pieces worldwide, through salons as well as for in-home use. Featured on The Oprah Winfrey Show as well as in OK! Magazine, The Today Show and more Hair Flairs has become a household name for chic hairstyling fun. Their newest product, Color Rub, was featured on Bobbie Thomas’ must-haves on The Today Show and now we have them. Seen as an easy-to-apply quick color application for hair that easily washes out, Hair Rub was designed for a temporary addition of a hint of color or for all-over temporary color. So did the color work? Was it really temporary? And was it easy to apply? Let’s find out.

Pros and Cons of Hair Flairs Color Rub


  • Pot container makes application quick and easy
  • Offers a wide variety of fun colors
  • Gives temporary pops of color wherever you want it
  • Washing out easily with the next shampoo
  • One container offers numerous applications
  • Color lasts throughout the day
  • Color stays in-place when set with hairspray
  • Affordable
  • Trendy
  • Cons

  • Slightly messy application
  • Must set with hairspray or it transfers to fabric and hairbrush
  • Contains parabens
  • Made in China
  • Description of Hair Flairs Color Rub

  • Manufactured by: Hair Flairs, LLC
  • Shades Available: Fuchsia, Teal, Ultra Violet, Atomic Green, Inferno Orange, Firecracker Red, Pyro Purple, Electric Blue, Yellow Spark, and Black Out.
  • Size: 4g
  • Available on the Hair Flairs Website
  • Suggested Price: $13
  • Guide Review of Hair Flairs Color Rub

    Recently I contacted the PR representative for Hair Flairs, eager to test their Color Rub product. I first saw the product on The Today Show, and thought that it reminded me of a makeup for your locks. Then I thought, what would be better for a pop of trendy color in your hair that you can wash out and not have to deal with touching up a month or two later? Many times products sound good on paper, however, so I knew testing it firsthand would be the only way to find out if they were worth the time, money and effort. So that’s what I did, and here are the results.

    First, let me start off by saying that the packaging was extremely easy to open even though it looked like one of those hard to open plastic packages. So that was a good start; no scissors required. The actual packaging for the Hair Rub was nice as well. It comes in a pot-like container so it’s super easy to apply. As for the colors I sampled Firecracker Red, Pyro Purple and Electric Blue. The purple and blue shades were by far my favorite against my dirty-blonde highlighted hair color. The red looked more orangish-red on my locks so I didn’t like it as well, but it would look great on true blonde shades or brunettes. There was no smell to the product, and the texture was a compacted powder almost like a pressed blush or eyeshadow. I didn’t like the fact of them containing parabens or that they were made in China, but you can’t expect every product to be perfect.

    Now, on to the application and wearability. Overall the application was quick and effortless, but it was a little messy. Beforehand you should wear a salon cape, or place a towel on your shoulders or you will end up with colored clothing, flooring and possibly a colored countertop. So bottom line on the application: prep correctly and you won’t have a mess to clean up. Also, prior to applying Hair Flairs suggests that you use a leave-in conditioner to prep your hair and basically work as a primer. I will warn you beforehand that if you have a new manicure then you will need to wear gloves as well. The reason why is because in order to apply the Color Rub to your hair you must place the pot on your hair, place your thumb over your hair, and smooth downward until evenly covered. This allows for a good bit of the color to transfer to your fingers, and therefore to your new manicure as well. Don’t be alarmed, however, because it washes away quickly with soap and water.

    So once I applied the color in the morning I washed my hands and then applied a quick spritz of hairspray to set the color and keep it in place. The rest of the day was a waiting game, while seeing how many times I could look at my hair in the mirror at the newly added pop of fun color. Needless to say, the color lasted all day and did not transfer to my clothing or anything throughout the day. I believe this was due to the hairspray shellacking that morning. I was wearing darker colored clothing though, so any transfer wouldn’t have been seen. Technically Hair Flairs suggests that you do not wear white or light colored clothing when using and wearing Color Rub. So the color stayed, or at least it looked like it did to me. What about washing it out? I didn’t want to go to bed with it in my hair for fear of getting it on my pillow case, so I washed it out that night. It came out of my hair without problem, and did not stain or alter my highlights. This could have been due to the use of the leave-in conditioner as the primer. Hair Flairs actually states that if your hair is “bleached-blonde, chemically processed or high-lift colored” then you may need to shampoo 2-3 times before the color comes out completely. Overall it was easy, fun, and gave me that quick pop of trendy spring color without having to worry about getting it touched-up in a month or two.

    The Bottom Line on Hair Flairs Color Rub

    Hair Flairs Color Rub takes the fear out of fun hair color commitment. With a quick prep, sweep and spray your hair is ready for a night out of fun or a long hard day at work. The best thing is at the end of the day you can wash it away and have your regular hair again. If only highlights were this easy.

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