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Travel Must-Haves

All for $20 or less


Whether it's the holidays and you're traveling to see family or it's spring break and you're off to somewhere warm, there are travel must-haves that you should never leave home without.  The best part is that they are very affordable and will cost you $20 or less.

1. Burt's Bees Mini Lip Gloss Set

Burt's Bees Mini Lip Gloss Set

If you love Burt's Bees or just love lip gloss then this 4-piece mini lip gloss set is perfect for your holiday travel needs.  Shades include Nectar Nude, Pucker Berry, Sweet Pink, and Zesty Red so there's a color to match whatever mood your in when traveling and then again when you arrive at your destination.

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2. Evian Spray Brumisateur Natural Mineral Water

Evian Spray Brumisateur Natural Mineral Water

This is a definite must-have for your travel, especially if you are traveling by airplane or visiting a very cold area.  The last thing you want is to have your face shrivel like a prune under the dehydrating conditions of flight or a cold environment.

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3. The Scent Genie

Sometimes traveling with your favorite perfume can be a hassle, so this year travel with The Scent Genie instead. This compact and refillable atomizer spray bottle is easy to fill and at only 4.1ml it's easy to travel with as well. So cut the clutter and make your travel a little easier this year, all while smelling like a rose in the end.

4. BareMinerals Big, Bright, & Brilliant Mini Eyeliner Collection

BareMinerals Big, Bright, and Brilliant Mini Eyeliner Collection
If there is one eye product (beside mascara) that you should have in your purse during travel it should be these little gems from BareMinerals. This perfect little set comes with three fab mini eyeliners in three new shades including Black Diamond, Midnight Moon, and Black Gold. If you haven't tried the BE eyeliners yet, then you have to get one for yourself as well! I absolutely LOVE these eyeliners because they are soft and easy to apply, are mess-free, stay on throughout the day, and make pulling off a smokey eye super easy.
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5. KohGenDo Makeup Trial Set

KohGenDo Makeup Trial Set
Photo Provided by: KohGenDo

KohGenDo has some of the best products on the market, but taking all of your foundation, concealer, and powder containers with you while you travel can be a pain. That's why if you're going away for a couple of days then you definitely need the KohGenDo Makeup Trial Set. It gives you a little bit of everything you need, and is small enough to save you on extra baggage costs. Could you ask for more?

6. Origins Peace of Mind On-the-Spot Relief

Origins Peace of Mind On-the-Spot Stress Relief

I don't leave the house without my Origins Peace of Mind On-the-Spot Relief gel. So when travel headaches set in I'm easily covered, I almost buy cases of this stuff every year so I have it every time I travel. This tiny little product packs a mean punch against headaches, fatigue, and that general overall feeling of being completely worn out from traveling. Let's just call it your vacation in a bottle for your vacation that never seems like a vacation.

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7. Anastasia Beverly Hills Mini Must Haves

You can't travel without mascara and Anastasia Beverly Hills has the perfect mini set to help you out. Not only does it come with a mini version of their fabulous Lash Lifting Mascara, but you also get a mini clear brow gel as well. The bonus is that this mini kit is less than $10 so you'll save a bundle and not have to worry if you lose it before you get home. So see? Sometimes size does matter.

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