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The Best and Worst Makeup Products of 2011


Best Eyeshadow of 2011

Best Eyeshadow of 2011


Each year there are tons of new makeup products introduced to you, the consumer. So many, in fact, that you don’t always get the chance to try a product when it’s “brand new”. That’s okay because eventually we get to test some of them to see if they are as great as they proclaim. Since each of these new or newer products can’t be a winning makeup product let’s take a look back at 2011 to see which of them were the best and worst makeup products of the year.


  • (Worst) L’Oreal Paris Studio Secrets Professional One Sweep Eye Shadow - This seems like a good idea on paper, but if you try this eyeshadow set from L’Oreal you’ll only be disappointed. The purpose of the One Sweep Eye Shadow is to take the applicator, sweep it across the striped palette, and then sweep it onto your eyes. It’s supposed to give you a base color, definition color and a highlighter in one swoop, but since everyone has different shaded eyes you can end up with a blend of base and definition color with the highlighter in the wrong place. Like I said, it’s a good idea on paper but it doesn’t work.
  • (Best) Bare Minerals High Shine Eyecolor (Compare Prices) - Sure it’s a single eyeshadow color, but it’s the one that I reach for almost daily. I normally like to switch around my eyeshadow, but even when trying new shades I still find myself reaching for the High Shine Eyecolor as a highlighter or a for a pop of shine to the middle of my lids. The perfectly designed container allows you to unscrew the cap and apply the perfect high shine color in seconds, either at home or on-the-go. The bonus is that it doesn’t produce mass eyeshadow fall-out under your eyes, so by the time you get home from a long day of work you won’t be surprised with eyeshadow where it doesn’t belong.
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  • (Worst) L’Oreal True Match Roller Foundation - There is nothing good to say about this foundation, but plenty of negatives to point out. First, the roller makes your face feel like you’re painting on your foundation with a paint roller (not fun). Second, the applicator rolls on the foundation so thick that it feels and looks like you’re wearing a mask. This leads to lots of blending, and who has time for that? And third, you have to buy it from a drugstore or local market so if you don’t know your exact shade the mask affect ends up looking worse. I understand the concept of giving a quick and easy foundation with good coverage, but this is way over the top. If you want this effect then save the money, invest in a mini paint roller, and buy large amounts of theatrical makeup.
  • (Best) Too Faced Amazing Face Oil-Free Close-Up Coverage Foundation (Compare Prices) - This has been my absolute all-time favorite foundation this year. First of all it’s oil-free so there are no clogged pores or oil slicks at the end of the day. Second it makes your skin look super-flawless and almost airbrushed. And third, you can’t tell that you are wearing it. It’s comfortable on the skin, works wonders under your eyes as a quick concealer, and wears all-day long while keeping your skin flawless. If only Too Faced made a larger vat so I could dunk my entire body. I suppose I’ll have to wait for that, but until then the foundation will remain my all-time favorite even past 2011.
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    Lip Gloss

  • (Worst) Bobbi Brown Brightening Lip Gloss - Normally Bobbi Brown lip gloss is rather good, but not this one. The overall consistency is rather sticky and tacky, which is a problem if you have your hair down. Honestly there’s nothing I hate more than my hair getting stuck to my lips, which leads to thick sticky gloss in your locks once they are removed. Sure we all want shine to our hair, but not this kind of shine right? The applicator brush was also a nightmare because it was well, just weird to use. Of course an odd applicator doesn’t help with the application, and since the gloss is sticky it makes for a bigger problem of getting the gloss correctly on your lips. The only positive was the great shades, but if you can’t stand to wear it then the colors don’t matter.
  • (Best) Estee Lauder Pure Color Glosses (Compare Prices) - I can’t get enough of these lip glosses. Each season they release a new limited edition color, which I very quickly grab for my collection. This is the first lip gloss that feels light and comfortable on your lips, instead of thick or tacky. It’s so comfortable and moisturizing that I sometimes use it in place of lip balm. The color is nothing to turn your nose up about though. Coming in a wide range of shades there is always a color or two that will fit perfectly into your seasonal makeup collection. Oh, and it also gives your lips just the right amount of color, allowing you to use it alone or with a lip liner. I love this lip gloss so much that it will be extremely difficult for any brand to knock it off of the top spot, even past 2011.
  • Mascara

  • (Worst) Revlon Double Twist Volumizing Mascara - This isn’t a brand new mascara, but with so many being released over a year sometimes it takes a while to review them. If you haven’t tried Revlon’s Double Twist then run away from the display and don’t look back! Seriously, this was one of the worst mascaras I have ever tried. First of all the brush is abysmal, allowing too much mascara on the brush which ends up glopped on your lashes. Even if you wipe the brush on the side of the container it’s still packed with too much product. The bristles are also stiff and way too thick, which doesn’t help with a good application either. The second negative is the flaking. The formula definitely doesn’t wear all-day, or even longer than 2 hours before flaking off of your lashes. So who has time to baby a mascara wand, and then constantly check for mascara fall-out throughout the day? No me, and I’m quite sure you don’t want to travel that road either. So just say no to this one, and instead reach for your regular standby.
  • (Best) Maybelline Volum’ Express The Falsies Mascara (Compare Prices) - I love, love, love Maybelline Volum’ Express, and one of their newer versions “The Falsies” is the best mascara so far. I’m not talking about the best out of Maybelline mascara, but the best out of any I have tried so far. This mascara really does make your lashes so thick and long that they look like false eyelashes. This is perfect since I absolutely hate wearing false lashes. The curved applicator brush lets you get right up against the root of your lashes, which allows for perfect mascara application from root to tip. The end result is super huge lashes that last all day without flaking or smudging. So if you too hate wearing false eyelashes then this mascara is a must. The bad thing is that I don’t know how Maybelline, or any other company, can out do this one for some time.
  • Brushes

  • (Worst) Physicians Formula Bamboo Wear Bambuki Brush - The brush has to rank at top of my all-time least favorite makeup brushes. I don’t know which was worst, the odd smell to the hair or how rough the hairs felt on my face. I will admit that I have sensitive skin, but it still felt like a thousand needles pricking my skin as I tried to apply my mineral makeup. The odd smell was similar to a wet animal, and the fact that it sheds like a dog just adds to the negativity. I’m beginning to believe that the Bambuki brush is actually made of bamboo shoots, which would explain the roughness. I’m not sure how to explain the smell or the shedding of the hairs, but I don’t really need to since this one went straight in the trash. Don’t waste your time or money on this kabuki-style brush, unless you want to torture your skin, smell like a wet animal, and have brush hair all over your face for the day.
  • (Best) Fairweather Faces Mini Brush Set (Buy Direct) - In the past I have always shared a fabulous brush when I came across one. This past year I was fortunate enough to test the new mini makeup brush line from celebrity makeup artist Andrea Fairweather. These brushes are compact yet pack a punch with your makeup application, all while having a convenient little color-coded jewel on the handle so you know exactly where to use them. There are two bonuses with these brushes as well. One is that you can use them dry, but they also work extremely well wet. And the second is that the super soft hairs do not shed what-so-ever. There are two things I hate about poor quality brushes, and that’s the inability to grab color which leads to spending more time applying and looking in the mirror during the day only to find hairs on my face from my brushes. Well you don’t have to worry about either with these must-have brushes.
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