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Review of L'Oreal Double Extend Beauty Tubes Mascara

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L'Oreal Double Extend Beauty Tubes Mascara Photo Provided by: L'Oreal Paris

The Bottom Line

A great mascara that lengthens the lashes while still looking natural. You get the look of wearing false lashes without all of the stickiness and glue.


  • No smudging or flaking
  • It's like getting professional eyelash tips or false lashes
  • The white basecoat is very nourishing and replenishing to the lashes
  • Safe for contact lens wearers and sensitive eyes
  • Washes off very easily


  • I couldn't think of any


  • Manufacturer - L'Oreal Paris
  • Shades - Available in 2 shades (black and blackest black)
  • Size - 0.17 oz basecoat / 0.16 oz topcoat
  • Suggested Price - $10.95
  • Available at local retailers and online

Guide Review - Review of L'Oreal Double Extend Beauty Tubes Mascara

Just like most women I am a mascara addict. So when I was asked by a reader about the New L'Oreal Double Extend Beauty Tubes mascara, I jumped on the chance to request a sample. Normally I review products at least twice before doing a write-up, so this time I did the same but slept with the mascara on my lashes for the second trial. The first trial went well because the instructions are very easy to follow and there are only two main steps anyway. The white basecoat went on very easily and I could see how much I was coating my lashes with, which was nice. The topcoat was phenomenal. It was very easy to apply over the basecoat, dried quickly, didn't clump or smudge, and stayed in place all day without leaving me with raccoon eyes. It was also very comfortable and natural feeling on my lashes and didn't itch or irritate my eyes what-so-ever.

The second trial had a very surprising outcome. After sleeping in the mascara, to simulate that this happens sometimes, I was shocked to wake up to see no mascara residue on my pillow or under my eyes. It wasn't as comfortable on my lashes as the first day, but it still looked wonderful and fresh. After waking up groggy and washing my face, I had forgotten for a moment that I was to simply smooth the "tubes" off with my fingertips so I was horrified to see what looked like my eyelashes on my face. After realizing what I had done, it washed away with no problems. The first trial wash away worked without a hitch, though, since I followed the directions and wasn't still half asleep. So the bottom line for this mascara is that it has launched its way to my new favorite mascara. The "tube" technology is fabulous and the look and feel gives you the perfect just-from-the-salon lashes without the high price. L'Oreal's Double Extend Beauty Tubes mascara is a definite must-have for anyone and everyone.

User Reviews

 5 out of 5
I may never try another mascara again!, Member littlemissmultimedia

I hesitated to buy this mascara at the store. I have avoided L'Oreal for years because I can't seem to find a clear answer about their animal testing policy. Am still a little conflicted about having given them my money. But I have tried all sorts of mascaras in the last year and here's my quandry: I love Dr Hauschka's Volume Mascara and Josie Maran's GoGo mascara, but I find that between the rain, snow and windchill in Montreal, a non-waterproof mascara leaves me looking like a beaten prostitute too much of the time. I tried several waterproof mascaras including the Maybelline (again a reluctant purchase given that they're a subsidiary of L'Oreal) Great Lash Waterproof. It's fine. It lasts. I find it makes my eyelashes feel a bit... tight? Brittle? Just a little uncomfortable. Not soft and bendy like lashes are supposed to be. And I frickin' HATE removal. I swear it's as if I take half my lashes off each night. Or have oily residue in my eyes. So tube technology frankly BLEW MY MIND! Get this: You put on the mascara in two easy steps. You literally see your lashes double in length with the basecoat. I find waiting about a minute between base coat and mascara helps. Then the black layer and VA VA VOOM! My husband noticed and he doesn't usually notice these things. He kept saying how gorgeous my eyes were! As did several colleagues and clients. But wait, there's more! Last night, I went for a swim after work. I actually swam with the mascara on. No smudges. No flaking. They just clumped together a little as lashes do when they're wet and separated nicely when I gently dried them with a towel. But to take the mascara off at night, all I have to do is soak a washcloth with warm water, hold it over my eyes (very soothing, actually) and gently wipe away. GONE! Good bye goopy makeup remover (That's at least $15 saved per year!). I've also slept with it on (afternoon nap) and rubbed my eyes accidentally. This stuff is a miracle. Honestly, I think L'Oreal should stop developing new mascaras because I can't for the life of me think of how to improve this one! (Well, other than never testing on animals ever again!) Brilliant!

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