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Clinique Brow Shaper

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Clinique Brow Shaper

Brow Shaper © Clinique Cosmetics


The Bottom Line

A great brow powder, that has great staying powder yet looks natural when applied. It comes with its own brush and with a great price point and good selection of colors; it is a definite must-have for everyone.
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  • Available in 4 colors to match every brow tone
  • A small, tight bristled brush paired with the powder
  • Very easy to apply
  • Great staying power
  • Looks very natural, like your own brow hairs


  • Two brushes instead of one, would be better


  • Manufacturer – Clinique Cosmetics
  • Colors – Available in 4 shades
  • Average Cost - $14.50

Guide Review - Clinique Brow Shaper

Clinique’s Brow Shaper(Compare Prices) is gift from the heavens. After years of trying to find a truly great and natural looking brow filler, I was introduced to their Brow Shaper. Since it is in a cake/powder form it can be a little scary to think of actually using it correctly. However, with the small, angled brush that comes with the powder, it is very easy to apply. Plus, with Clinique you can test the product and ask questions before you buy it. And since the beauty advisors are there, why not take advantage of their training and ask them to show you how to apply it correctly?

The basic price of the Shaper is nice at only $14.50. The color selection covers every brow tone, and the feel of the powder is very light and natural instead of dry and cakey. The small brush applicator that comes with the Shaper is a nicely compacted and angled brush, which fits nicely in your fingertips for good control and application. Once the color is applied it stays in place and lasts the entire day.

The big bonus with the Brow Shaper is that is lasts an extremely long time, meaning you won’t have to buy it as often as with brow pencils. Yes, you should discard products after so long (around a year or so with this one), but if you clean the brush and keep the powder looking fresh, it will last far longer than you could imagine. That makes the Brow Shaper a great item to buy during one of Clinique’s seasonal Gifts with Purchase.

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