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Review of Maybelline Instant Age Rewind Foundation

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Photo Taken By: Faith Lawless

Instant Age Rewind © Maybelline New York

Photo Taken By: Faith Lawless

The Bottom Line

Diverse coverage allows you to have one compact for everything, including your sunscreen. No matter what you age, this Instant Age Rewind Foundation is a must-have for great coverage with a beautiful glow.
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  • Double-sided sponge gives either sheer or full coverage
  • Creamy lightweight texture includes an SPF18
  • Applies easily and blends well
  • Didn't cake under the eye area
  • Very affordable


  • Can't think of any


  • Manufacturer - Maybelline New York
  • Available in 8 shades
  • In stores beginning July 1, 2008
  • Suggested Price - $9.99

Guide Review - Review of Maybelline Instant Age Rewind Foundation

The compact for the foundation was nice since it has a mirror and sponge underneath the product. This made it very convenient to throw it in my bag and go, without having to make sure that I also had my mirror and an applicator. The sponge applicator was very unique since it had two different sides. The white side was supposed to give me a more full coverage while the pink side was supposed to give more sheer coverage. Both sides worked exactly like they were supposed to, and I also was able to use the pink side to buff away my fine lines.

The foundation itself was very nice and creamy, yet it didn't feel thick or heavy. There was no apparent fragrance either, which was a plus. The first time I tried the Instant Age Rewind foundation, I was actually surprised to see how quickly I was able to apply it and how it evened out my skin but didn't look dry or cakey. I really liked the idea that it has an SPF18, instead of the regular SPF15. Also, I was able to use the foundation to cover the dark circles under my eyes without having my lines stand out or getting a gross cakey mess.

The great thing is that the foundation lasted all day and I didn't have to touch-up except maybe one time, and at the end of the day my face still looked fresh. My favorite thing about the foundation is that I can literally use one product on my face and then I only have to have one compact with me during the day. So the bottom line is no matter what you age, skin type or skin tone, Maybelline's new Instant Age Rewind is a definite must-have due to it's all-in-one functionality and compact design.

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