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Review of TINte Cosmetics Jumbo Flavored Lip Shines

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Tinte Cosmetics Jumbo Flavored Lip Shines

The Bottom Line

So yummy and moisturizing I can't put them down!
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  • Contain Shea Butter to help moisturize and protect lips
  • You get a lot of product for your money
  • Comes in great tasting flavors such as bubble gum and chocolate
  • Available in 10 shades that are suitable for every skin tone
  • Not tacky or goopy


  • The ones I tried tasted so good I wanted to eat them off my lips


  • Manufacturer - TINte Cosmetics
  • Shades - 10 available
  • Size - 0.17 oz.
  • Available - Online and at Dillard's
  • Suggested Price - $17

Guide Review - Review of TINte Cosmetics Jumbo Flavored Lip Shines

Combine a moisturizing lip gloss with fabulous colors and top it off with a hint of true-to-life flavor, and you will have TINte Cosmetics Jumbo Flavored Lip Shines. This gloss reminded me of my childhood when I used to slather on the Lip Smackers. So fast forward to adulthood, add color and some shea butter, and you've got an addictive and brilliant lip gloss for all of us adults working the nine to five grind.

TINte Cosmetics Jumbo Flavored Lip Shines come in 10 fabulous shades, ranging in name and flavor from Cake to Haute Chocolate and more. I got the chance to try Double Bubble and Mynt Kiss. They were both very true to their name and Double Bubble tasted and smelled exactly like bubble gum. The shade was a natural pink hue that you could definitely wear alone or over any lipstick or liner. Mynt Kiss was gave a definite hint of mint, which is great since it virtually freshens your breath while making your pout look perfect. The color was a little reddish, but subtle enough to wear either day or night by itself or with a great lip liner.

TINte Cosmetics Jumbo Flavored Lip Shine is definitely a stroll down memory lane, but with an adult kick. The packaging is cute since each Lip Shine comes in its own personal tube, making them easy to store and tell apart from your 50 other lip glosses. The bad part about the Lip Shines would be the addictiveness from the flavors, since I automatically wanted to lick it off my lips. That could also cause a problem with your significant other wanting to help you out with that. But never-the-less, the bottom line with TINte Cosmetics Jumbo Flavored Lip Shines is that they are so yummy and moisturizing I can't put them down. I guess that's bad for me and good for them.

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