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Review of Off! Smooth and Dry Insect Repellent

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Review of Off! Smooth and Dry Insect Repellent
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The Bottom Line

Gone are the days of hating to apply insect repellent because of the horrible smell and the sticky feel. Off! Smooth and Dry is not apparent on the skin and only leaves behind a nice, fresh scent. It's a definite must-have if you plan to be outside at all during the summer.


  • Feels dry on the skin, not tacky
  • Has a pleasantly fresh scent
  • Protects against several bugs, including mosquitoes and fleas
  • Won't damage self tanner
  • 15% DEET, which protects up to six hours


  • I can't think of any


  • Manufacturer - SC Johnson
  • Container - Aerosol
  • Active Ingredient - 15% DEET

Guide Review - Review of Off! Smooth and Dry Insect Repellent

I tried Off! Smooth and Dry while spending a late afternoon planting annuals and doing general garden work. I have to admit that I was a little skeptical that Off! could actually follow through with a dry and non-smelly insect repellent. Also, I had just finished self tanning the day before and so I was a little worried that it may affect my self tanner.

I applied Off! Smooth and Dry while standing on my front porch, because it stated on the back of the can not to apply in an enclosed area. After an initial test application on my arm, the first thing I noticed was how smooth it went on and then how quickly it dried. I even rubbed it in with my hand and yet there was no stickiness or greasiness. It almost felt like a powder on my skin, which I found out later that Off! Smooth and Dry has a cornstarch base. The second thing I noticed was the lack of the typical bug spray scent. The scent of Off! Smooth and Dry is more refreshing and clean, and reminded me somewhat of citronella but with a twist. The kicker for me was that it didn't mess up my self tanner at all.

Once I finished spraying the rest of my exposed skin with the Off! Smooth and Dry insect repellent, I went to work in my garden. Normally in the late afternoon, I get swarmed by various flying creatures, but the Off! Smooth and Dry actually kept them at bay. I was very impressed, to say the least. So what is the final verdict? I will definitely use Off! Smooth and Dry on myself and the rest of my family, and I would highly recommend it to anyone that plans to be outside during flying insect season.

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