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How-to Apply Fake Nails at Home

Why pay salon prices when you can do it yourself?


Kiss Broadway Nails kit

An easy and inexpensive way to have beautiful looking nails.

Image Provided by: Kiss Nails

There are so many types of artificial nail kits to chose from, but if you are new to applying fake nails don't try to use acrylic or gel home kits. Instead start with the easiest ones and when you have tackled the basics then you can progress.

Kiss Broadway Nails are great for beginners because they have different styles, shapes and even pre- colored tips. They will last around 7-10 days and are ideal for a special occasion!

What You'll Need:

  • Acetone-free nail polish
  • Cotton pads
  • Q-Tips
  • Orange stick
  • Pack of nails (*pack should include buffer and glue)
  • Nail buffer*
  • Glue* (Use nail glue only)
  • Scissors (In case you need to cut back the top of the glue)

NOTE: Don't apply fake nails immediately after a manicure - wait at least 24 hours, as oils in the skin will cause your fake nails to lift off.


  1. Wash your hands and pay particular attention to drying nails and cuticles.
  2. Clean off any nail polish and give your nails a wipe over with the acetone-free polish remover to ensure there are no oils, natural or otherwise on the surface of your nail.
  3. Remove the fake nails from the pack and arrange which nail is going to be suitable for which finger – easier than doing it as you go along.
  4. Clip your natural nail down close to the finger tip.
  5. Buff the surface of the natural nail to roughen it, this makes the fake nails adhere better.
  6. Very gently push your cuticles back using the orange stick.
  7. Apply the nails to your dominant hand first, e.g. if you are left-handed apply to left hand first.
  8. Put a dot of glue on to the fake nail and one on the real nail – try to avoid over-gluing.
  9. Place the fake nail just above cuticle (keep it straight) and then press down onto nail bed. Keep pressure applied for 10 seconds to ensure no air bubbles are present before you go on to the next one.  This step is really important because if the fake nail is not secure to the nail bed, moisture will get in underneath and cause lifting or nail fungus.
  10. Take a Q-Tip and wipe around the cuticle to take up any glue that has seeped out from under the fake nail.


Fake nails can't really be reused if you mess up.  The glue that you have put on the underside will harden and prevent a smooth adhesion.

Keep the top of the nail glue as clean as you can (remember if you wipe it with soft tissue the tissue will stick) and keep the bottle upright so you can reuse.

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