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Maturity Matters

If you have mature skin then you probably also have mature skin concerns. What foundation works the best? Should you use powders or creams? What about mineral makeup? And what about the eyes? Well, breath easy because your mature skin concerns will be answered here.
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Review of Ageless Fantasy Perfume
Harvey Prince has come out with a new patent-pending perfume, touted as "prescription free youth" in a bottle, and perfectly called Ageless Fantasy perfume. So does it really work and more importantly, how does it smell? I put it to the test.

Review of Lauren Hutton 24/7 Hydrating Face Mist
Lauren Hutton's 24/7 Hydrating Face Mist was formulated to mist either under or over your makeup without having it mess up your work or give you a greasy after feel. But does it actually work like she says it will? I put it to the test so you don't have to.

Review of Lauren Hutton Face Disc
Lauren Hutton is an iconic image of the fashion industry. She has taken her past experience and knowledge of makeup to make her own brand of makeup for women with more mature skin. Lauren's Face Disc was made to help women grab one thing, apply the makeup they need, and then go. The convenience of the packaging was a great idea, but how good are the actual products?

How to Make Your Eyes Appear Younger
They say 40 is fabulous and 50 is even better, but tell that to your eyes because for some reason I don’t think they got the memo. So what can you do to make them appear shiny and new, besides Botox? There is an easy way and even though you won’t look like a teenager again, you will look like you still have some pep in your step.

How to Look Flawless with High Definition Makeup
Who doesn't want to look flawless? How about flawless in every light? With the help of high definition powder, you can achieve this look anywhere you go.

How to Look Professional in 5-Minutes
Whether you are already a business woman or you have a job interview, you should make sure that your makeup looks appropriate. So if you are already living life in high speed, there will be little time for makeup. However, there are some very quick and easy steps to take, so you can look professional in 5-minutes or less.

Thrifty Makeup Tips - Tips for Stretching Your Makeup's Life
Things can be tough at times, which can make it difficult to keep purchasing your favorite makeup items when the cosmetic companies suggest. Well, your makeup can last longer than you realize, plus there are ways to save you money by not tossing the left-overs in the trash.

Top 10 Hydration Mists
Hydrating mists are great to have, especially in the heat of summer or the extreme cold of winter. Using a hydration mist is great no matter what makeup you are wearing since they hydrate, refresh, protect, and can even help to set your makeup.

Makeup Primer - Top 10 Anti-Aging Makeup Primer Splurges and Steals
Sometimes finding the perfect mature skin foundation is impossible, so what are you supposed to do? Instead of focusing on what the foundation can or cant do, focus on what you should apply before your foundation.

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