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Easy Makeup Tips for Your Hair Color


Easy Makeup Tips for Your Hair Color
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If you’ve recently changed your hair color, added highlights, or if you’re naturally rocking a hot natural color have you thought about what makeup will look the best for your shade? If you don’t have a good combination between the two then either your makeup look or your hair color will fall flat, no matter how fabulous it may be.

Dark Brown Hair or Black Hair

If you rock dark brown hair naturally, or with a little help from your hair dresser, you’ve got an easier job of finding complimentary makeup. On average dark hair also comes with brown or a darker eye color as well. This combination, no matter what your skin tone may be, will allow you to wear almost any shade and intensity. Darker hair shades can pull off more intense color easier, but can also have fun with lighter shades as well. One of the best eyeshadow shades for dark brown hair is violets or plums. One of our favorite plum shades is Clinique Colour Surge Eye Shadow in Night Plum (Compare Prices) because it gives just the right amount of smoky plum, so you can use it as a single quick eyelid color or you can use it to pull off an Easy Smokey Eye.

To finish off a great look for your dark brown hair try going either bold red or slightly plum on your lips, grab a good black mascara, and add a pop of pinkish plum to your cheeks. Just remember to only play up your eyes or lips, because even though darker hair can handle more color you don’t want to look like a circus clown or a vampire, unless that’s your intent.

Medium Brown Hair

Since your hair isn’t quite as deep as the black or dark brown shades you will need to find the best makeup shades that correlate with your skin tone and eye color. The overall rule of thumb for medium brown hair shades, however, is to add a little radiance to your skin tone by applying a good bronzer with hints of peach or pink tones to your cheeks. Our favorite product for this is Too Faced Peach Leopard Brightening & Perfecting Bronzer (Compare Prices) because it gives your skin a nice glow while the peach tones work at brightening your skin at the same time.

To round out your look don’t go for the regular nude and neutral shades. Instead play up your lips with a slightly orange-based red lipstick, and add save the neutrals for your eyeshadow. Don’t skimp on your eyes though! Add a nice dark brown eyeliner and a good black mascara, and you’ll have strangers complimenting your hair and makeup in no time

Light Brown Hair or Highlighted Hair

If your hair is a lighter brown or if you added highlights to your deeper brown hair color, then you need to steer more toward natural makeup colors. Light brown hair can tend to show hints of blond or red tones, with or without highlights. So the perfect pick for your coloring is a nice peach-toned blush. One of our favorites is Nars Powder Cheek Color in Orgasm (Compare Prices) because the shimmery peachy pink tone goes on sheer and adds the perfect amount of color to your cheeks.

To finish your neutral look, add a slight sparkle to your eyes with a neutral yet shimmery eyeshadow, followed by a medium brown eyeliner and a good brown mascara. On your lips try a nudish-pink lip liner with a sheer lip gloss over the top. More vivid lip color can be fun at night time when you’re out on the town, but for daytime make sure your lips don’t take away from your fabulous hair color.

Red Heads

The deepness of your red hair will tell you what shades to reach for in your makeup. Dark red hair, such as cherry or auburn tones should play around with more neutral tones, but you can also use shades that have a slight pink hint as well. Your best bet for a really great makeup look is to play up your eyes, and leave your lips more neutral . This doesn’t mean that your eyeshadow has to match your hair, though. So instead grab two or three shades and blend them together. A good example would be a slightly pink champagne with a shimmery green, and a bronze tone. Trust us, it’s okay to pick colors that contrast with your deep red hair.

If you’re red hair is lighter, or a “true” red then search for a pinkish coral toned blush for your cheeks and a more vibrant orange-based red shade for your lips. One of our favorite cheek colors is Stila’s Convertible Color in Gerbera (Compare Prices) because it’s a creamy and translucent coral pink that you can actually use on your cheeks as well as a good base stain for your lips. To finish your new hot look, don’t over play your eyes since your lips and hair are the true stars. Instead reach for a nice neutral eyeshadow, paired with a brown or gray eyeliner and a good mascara (either brown or black).

Blonde Hair

Having blonde hair means that you can easily look washed out with the wrong makeup. Instead your main focus should be a good bronzer for your forehead, cheeks and chin. Don’t be too heavy handed though, because you don’t want to look like you had a self-tanning mishap. A dab of peach blush will also help to warm up your skin tone so it’s not washed out by the golden tones of your hair. A great example of this look is Jennifer Aniston, who always rocks her hair and makeup look.

To finish off your makeup reach for a brown or neutral lipstick, with a pink or peach undertone. Don’t use a flat brown because it will wash out your skin. One of our favorite lip colors is L’Oreal’s Colour Riche Lipstick in Peach Fuzz (Compare Prices) because it gives you the perfect neutral lipstick with warm peach undertones. For your eyes don’t overdo it there either, especially for a day look. Instead reach for softer eyeshadow shades such as pink, slight gold or shimmery light brown. Feel free to skip the eyeliner and add a coat of brown mascara for a finished golden glow look.

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