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Your Lipstick Bucket List

Lipstick You Need to Try at Least Once in Your Lifetime


These lipsticks have two things in common: they can all be considered "splurge" lipstick because they start at $34 and go up from there, and they are all lipsticks that you need to try at least once in your lifetime. Think of this list as your lipstick and beauty attachment to the "bucket list". So budget accordingly, if needed, and get ready to treat your lips like royalty (or at least like a celebrity).

1. Guerlain ‘Rouge G de Guerlain’ Lipcolor

Guerlain ‘Rouge G de Guerlain’ Lipcolor

This is one of my favorite super expensive lipsticks, set at $47 each. The formula is perfect, containing Ayurvedic ingredients such as Tiger Grass and wild mango butter. Sure the natural formula is nice, but the big star point of the Guerlain ‘Rouge G de Guerlain’ lipstick is the case. The case is actually a compact including a mirror, and it was created by Lorenz Baumer who is a talented young jeweler in Place Vendome.

The lipstick comes in eight knock-out shades, and Guerlain changes these shades each season so there is always a new color to grab. If you didn’t think this lipstick could get any more fabulous, the lipstick hides inside the elegant case and snaps in place magnetically so you don’t have to worry about your lipstick opening in your purse. After all there’s nothing worse than ruining your purse from an open lipstick container.

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2. Cle’ de Peau Beaute’ Extra Rich Lipstick

Cle’ de Peau Beaute’ Extra Rich Lipstick

The sleek design of the lipstick case is impressive and glamorous, but it’s the design of the lipstick that will floor you. The faceted lipstick resembles a beautiful diamond cut, which makes you feel even more luxurious after you pay $60 for each tube. The formula is also unique because it’s the first lipstick formulated with Vitamin A, which allows the lipstick to go on very creamy and leave your lips feeling like they had a spa day. Another bonus is the 18 shades available, and each is labeled R or T followed by a number so those of you that hate the cutesy makeup product names can easily get on board with this idea. What’s my favorite color? R2, which is a beautiful true red shade. It’s a perfect red that will make it super easy to get perfectly applied red lips.

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3. La Prairie Cellular Lip Color

La Prairie Cellular Lip Color

La Prairie is world-famous for their skin care products, but did you know that they also have a really fabulous lipstick as well? Think about the cutting edge technology of their skin care products, morphed with a must-have lipstick, and finished with a bucket list price of $55 each. La Prairie’s lipstick formula actually plumps and fills the lines in your lips, and the added caviar extracts work at firming your pout. They’ve also added “specially treated pigments” for the color of each shade, which help to enhance the intensity of whichever of the 27 shades you choose. Oh, this also helps it to wear longer on your lips so you’ll reapply less often.

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4. Sisley Paris Phyto-Rouge Hydrating Long Lasting Lipstick

Sisley Paris Phyto-Rouge Hydrating Long Lasting Lipstick

This lipstick is in such high demand most stores have a limit of six tubes every 30 days. So what makes this $55 lipstick so popular? The 20 beautiful shades give you a large choice as long as it’s in-stock, and the high-coverage formula protects the sensitive skin on your lips throughout the entire day. It’s also loaded with Sisley Paris’ skin care benefits which also give your lips all-day hydration on the fly. The texture is super satiny, and glides on with ease while staying in place throughout the day and not bleeding what-so-ever. The beautifully etched, beveled, spiral shade of the lipstick almost makes it too pretty to actually use. But I’m sure you’ll be able to fight past the stunning shape and indulge your lips in a must-have bucket list lipstick.

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5. Yves Saint Laurent Rouge Volupte’

Yves Saint Laurent Rouge Volupte’

This lipstick is on the lower end of the bucket list price scale at only $34, but don’t let the price fool you. The 30 hot shades give you a better variety while the formula turns from a luxurious cream texture to a more fluid texture once it hits your lips. The nutria-protective vegetal complex also helps to nourish your dry lips, while keeping them soft and smooth throughout the day. Looking past the formula, feel and colors the case is drop-dead gorgeous. The case is a beautiful golden metallic with an intricate YSL design that shows the shade of the lipstick in the foreground. This makes guessing what color is in your thousands of lipstick tubes much easier. To top it off the top of the cap has a mirror so you can take a peek at your application, and relax knowing you applied your luxurious new lipstick perfectly.

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6. Tom Ford Lip Color

Tom Ford Lip Color

Tom Ford is famous for many things, from bringing Gucci back from the dead to styling celebrities so they look stunning. Now he wants to make you look even hotter than you already do by offering a perfect accessory to your makeup; his chic and must-have lip color for $48 each. The lipstick is actually stamped with his initials on the top, and the case is drop-dead gorgeous with a black and gold case. The formula is outstanding because he uses a blend of rare and exotic ingredients to give you a unique yet beautiful lip color. The bad thing is that he only has three shades available, but those three shades are uber hot! They are so hot that I can’t pick a favorite because I want all three.

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