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It's not your grandmother's "rouge" anymore. Cheek colors and textures have evolved over the years so you don't have to look like a doll anymore. Plus, having the right amount of color on the cheeks not only brightens a face, but it can also make you appear healthy as well.
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Quick Tips: Emphasizing Your Cheeks
Too much color on your cheeks can make you look clown-like, while not enough can wash you out. So where is the perfect balance for emphasizing your natural cheek tone and definition? It's a lot easier than we make it seem.

Review of the Aveda Uruku Collection
Aveda has been partnered with the Yawanawa people of the Brazilian Amazon since 1993. For the anniversary celebration they are re-launching their Uruku collection, including some new additions. Current colors are available and new products and added shades will be available August 10, 2008.

Allure Magazine's Top Blush Picks
Allure magazine's top two blush picks, as featured on their Master List.

Slenderizing Cheekbones
Tips on how to use your cheekbones to make your face appear slimmer.

Stila Cream Blush
Stila has been noted by In Style Magazine as having the best cream blush.

Nars Ranks as Top Powder Blush
Apparently I am not the only one that thinks Nars powder blush is the best. In Style Magazine has ranked it as the Best Powder Blush.

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