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How-to Fairy Makeup

Our Easy How-to for magical fairy makeup.


Fairy Makeup for Halloween
Photo Taken by: Faith Lawless

When you think of fairies you may think of mischief, magic, and beauty. So why not put a magical foot forward this Halloween and release your inner fairy princess? The makeup is extremely easy, and the best thing is that you can use your favorite colors. I used pinks and reds for my fairy makeup, but you can use blue, green, and gold, even black! Just make sure to use lots of shimmer and/or glitter, and really cool freehand designs.

To get this look, here is what you need:


  • Before you apply your regular makeup you should begin with a makeup primer, such as Loreal’s Magic Perfecting Base (Compare Prices). The primer will hide flaws, minimize pore, make fine lines disappear and give your skin a polished look. Make sure you apply the makeup primer over your entire face, including your eye area.
  • After the makeup primer is in place apply your favorite foundation, or if you want a whitened effect try an illuminator, such as KohGenDo’s Aqua Foundation Illuminator (Compare Prices). I used my regular foundation for my fairy look, followed by the KohGenDo Illuminator. This gave my skin more of a “glowing” effect.
  • Once your foundation or illuminator is in place add more shimmer to your skin with a face and body shimmer. I used bareMinerals Face and Body Color in Gossamer (Compare Prices), brushing it all over my face and even under my eyes.
  • Eyes and Brows

  • The eyes are pretty easy because you are going to do a smokey eye, but with color instead of black or gray. I chose a reddish pink shadow for my eyeshadow, mixed with a deep blue-purple. To get my look I first applied bareMinerals Plum EyeColor in Bloom (Buy Direct) on my lids. Then I applied bareMinerals EyeColor in Beautiful Lisa (Compare Prices) to my crease and orbital bone. After applying both shades I added more of the reddish pink shade to the purple tone on my lids and blended until smooth.
  • With a flat eyeliner brush I used the reddish pink shadow as an eyeliner. I applied it as a liner around the entire outline of my eye, extending it out on the outer corners and slightly in on the inner corners. Once the eyeliner is in place you need to smudge with an eyeshadow brush and your main eye color (ex: mine was the reddish pink bareMinerals Beautiful Lisa EyeColor). When you’re done it should resemble a colorful smokey eye. Add a slight hint of white shimmer directly under your eyebrows to help emphasize your colorful smokey eye look.
  • Next move on to your lashes my applying a good thickening and lengthening mascara. Your lashes shouldn’t be too outrageous though, since the main focus should be on the colors and not your lashes. I used two simple coats of Maybelline’s Colossal Volum Express in Classic Black (Compare Prices), allowing each coat to dry before the next.
  • Finish your eyes with a glitter eyeliner, such as Urban Decay Heavy Metal Glitter Eyeliner in Groupie (Buy Direct). Simply use the glitter eyeliner directly overtop the colored eyeliner. To add more glitter, stroke some of the glitter eyeliner into your lashes as well.
  • Lips, Brows and Facial Design

  • The design that runs from the eyebrows down the nose can be easily accomplished with the main eyeshadow color and the reddish pink highlighter pen from the Ultraflesh Face Decorating Kit (Buy Direct). I colored my eyebrows with the reddish pink highlighter pen from the set, and then applied bareMinerals Beautiful Lisa EyeColor over the top of them. The line running from my eyebrows down the sides of my nose were drawn in place with the highlighter pen, and then covered with the EyeColor by using a flat eyeliner brush.
  • Next move to the design at the side of the eyes. The design was freehanded by using the reddish pink highlighter pen from the Ultraflesh Kit, then enhanced with the Urban Decay Heavy Metal Glitter Eyeliner. You can create any design you like, but I began mine from the extended eye line from my colored smokey eye look. Once you finish the design and add your glitter, tie everything in together by using the glitter eyeliner on your eyebrows and on the design at the side of the nose.
  • Finally, your lips should match your main color palette. I used Napoleon Perdis Lip Pencil in Witty in Pink (Compare Prices), followed by a coating of the bareMinerals Beautiful Lisa EyeColor, and then a slight application of the Urban Decay Heavy Metal Glitter Eyeliner. Once your lips are finished your fairy look is complete. If needed, dust your face once again with the Face and Body Shimmer to give your skin that “magical” appeal.
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