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Smokey Eyes Step-by-Step


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Finishing with Mascara
Smokey Eyes Step-by-Step

Finish the smokey eye look with 3 or more coats of mascara

Photo Taken by: Faith Lawless
Once the shimmer is applied and blended you can move onto mascara. We used Maybelline Colossal mascara in Classic Black(Read Review) for this tutorial. For a smokey eye you want your lashes to be just as smokey and huge. To get this affect, apply one coat of mascara on each lash and then re-coat them 2-3 more times. Start on one eye and move to the next eye while the mascara dries, then switch back for the second coat. Remember that if you don't allow for a little drying time your lashes will get cakey and stick together with clumps. Also try to focus on the outer corner lashes by building them as much as possible. Use wiggle-strokes on the outer lashes and feel free to add an additional coat or two in this area until you get the look you want. We used three applications here and an extra application on the outer lashes as well.
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