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Review of Miracle Skin Transformer SPF20

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Review of Miracle Skin Transformer SPF20
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The Bottom Line

Miracle Skin Transformer SPF20 is an industry-forward product that will work as a true multi-tasker for everyone, not just women. Anything that can help to eliminate so many products is a good thing, and the Transformer does just that by becoming your skin care, sunscreen, primer, and foundation in one container.


  • Uses 100% natural active ingredients
  • Free of parabens, dyes, mineral oil, and talc
  • Works as a combination tinted moisturizer and makeup primer
  • Contains SPF20
  • Buildable coverage


  • Depending on skin condition you may need to apply multiple times or use with other makeup.
  • If you are allergic to Vitamin A then you should not use this product.


  • Manufacturer - MIST Beauty
  • Size - 50 ml
  • Shades Available - 3 shades and Colorless
  • 100% Natural Active Ingredients
  • Available - August 1, 2010 on the Miracle Skin Transformer website
  • Average Price - $48

Guide Review - Review of Miracle Skin Transformer SPF20

Beauty industry expert, Sarah McNamara, has created a new multi-tasking product whose job is to give you buildable coverage while adding in antioxidants and an SPF20. McNamara states that Miracle Skin Transformer works as a luminous, yet weightless, hydrating base with a buildable coverage that works to transforms your skin into a beautiful airbrushed finish. So does the product actually work, and does it really leave your skin looking virtually flawless without a trace of heavy foundation?

I received a sample of Miracle Skin Transformer in Medium and used it for two days. My initial reaction was good because the product felt silky and smooth like a makeup primer, but it also gave a slight tinted moisturizer effect as well. The scent was nice and natural and the consistency was creamy, never tacky or sticky. The first day's application was okay, but I had to apply the product several times in order to get the look I wanted under my eyes and on any nuisance blemishes. The second day seemed to give a better application, and after reading the ingredient list it's apparent that the Miracle Skin Transformer will look better with each daily application. It sounds weird that wearing a makeup product every day will only make your skin better, but Miracle Skin Transformer actually does so since it contains CO Enzyme Q10 and vitamins K and A (among other natural ingredients).

Overall there are several positives about the Transformer, but also a couple of negatives. I really like the color variations, and since they offer a Colorless shade men could also benefit from the product as well. I love the SPF20 and the fact that it works as a multi-tasker by combining skin care, sunscreen, a makeup primer, and tinted moisturizer in one convenient container. The final positive is the fact that you can continue to build or reapply the coverage throughout the day without it looking fake or cakey. The downside would be the coverage as well, because depending on you skin's condition you may need to use the Transformer with your regular makeup products until your skin improves. If you have blemishes then you will probably need something extra to cover them, as well as severe dark circles. The Miracle Skin Transformer will even out any darkness or blotchiness in your skin, however, and does give you a semi-airbrushed effect afterwards. The other downside would be the inclusion of vitamin A in the product. Some people may have too sensitive skin and will not be able to use this product without possible itching or rash. Personally, I have a slight reaction to vitamin A where it makes my skin itch slightly, but nothing too severe where I couldn't use the Transformer daily.

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