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Review of Lauren Hutton Face Disc

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The Bottom Line

A great concept especially for using minimal makeup, but if you don't have great skin then you may not like it. Plus, if you are expecting it to conceal you lines and wrinkles, your expectations are too high.
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  • Everything (minus foundation), in one compact
  • Instructional DVD included
  • Disc is refillable
  • Great for a minimal makeup look
  • Company does not do animal testing


  • Contains some "undesirable" ingredients, such as parabens and propylene glycol
  • The lip balm is very dry and thick
  • The different colors and various rings may be confusing to some users


  • Manufacturer - Lauren Hutton Good Stuff, LLC
  • Available in 4 shades
  • Can be purchased alone or with the matching brushes
  • Can be purchased online or through HSN
  • Approximate Price - $60 for disc or $85 for set

Guide Review - Review of Lauren Hutton Face Disc

Recently I had been looking for makeup lines that could help women that have more mature skin. During my research I came across the Lauren Hutton line, so I contacted the PR group for Lauren's line and requested a sample of the Face Disc. I thought the concept of having one compact for everything was ingenious, and to have it color-labeled was even better. So I was anxious to get the product and actually test drive it several times to ensure I was following Lauren's suggested application techniques.

Once I began to apply the makeup, I found that I had to "work" the sheer concealer and the spot concealers in order to get them to look good. I liked having 4 spot concealer colors, but I'm not sure other women will want to mix concealers to get the correct tone. I also found the lip balm to be rather thick and dry, which is not ideal for women with more mature skins. The disc also contained a couple contouring powders for around the face and around the nose and eye area. The pooch powder was nice and didn't make my nose look dirty but instead very naturally shaded, and the general contour powder was very natural and light, allowing for nice blending.

My favorite items in the kit were the eyeliner and eyebrow powders. I had to mix them in order to match my dark eyebrows, but the color was nice and it lasted all day. However, after applying all of the items as directed I was not overly enthused at the finished look. I tried the Face Disc with foundation and without, and the result without foundation was not for me since I have freckles and dark circles that I like to cover. The bottom line is the Face Disc is a good idea and a descent product, but the fact that there are unnatural ingredients and the coverage is minimal makes Lauren Hutton's Face Disc something you can either live with or without.

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User Reviews

 4 out of 5
Great Makeup, Bad Service, Member Kaypf

I've been using the natural face disk, as well as other products, for several years and love it. My skin is good, with few wrinkles, and the concealer and powder, along with the blush, contouring, and pooch powders, give it a very natural, finished look. The eyebrow pencil with brush on the other end is just great--best eyebrow pencil I've used. The only reason I'm not giving five stars is their customer service, which is the pits. The natural disk products contain no parabens or other preservatives, and when I ordered a concealer refill a while back it had gone bad and smelled rancid. This happens with natural products that have been held too long or in too warm conditions, so I simply emailed, explained the problem, and asked for a replacement. The very brief reply stated that the product naturally has an odor and was not rancid. I know the smell of rancidity and replied saying so, also offering to send them the disk if they would give me an address. No reply, and no reply to two further emails. I could not find a telephone number to call, or I would have done so. I doubt that Lauren Hutton would be very pleased to know that a company operating under her name is treating customers as they do, and I wish there were a way of letting her know.

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