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Bridal Beauty Tips

Easy and quick beauty tips that will give you great makeup for your big day.


Bridal Beauty Tips
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I have done numerous makeup consultations for women on their wedding day, and each one was different but with a few similarities. I found that every woman is nervous and wants to look perfect for their special day, as well as have their makeup last throughout the ceremony and reception. Really whether you hire a makeup artist for your big day or decide to have a friend help you or just do it yourself, you shouldn't rush into the situation unprepared. So never fear, here are some great bridal beauty tips for you to use on your big day, and afterwards as well.

Tip #1

Try a virtual makeover program well in advance of your ceremony. Mary Kay has a really great virtual makeover site where you can upload your photo or use one of the models provided. During the process you get to try on different makeup, change hairstyles, add wedding accessories (such as veils, tiaras, and jewelry), and then print or email the final results. The Mary Kay Virtual Makeover site also has pre-made makeup artist looks and pre-made bridal looks.

The bonus is that the program puts together a compact in the colors you select, so if you like the shades you can order them and have them in one compact for your big day. The Mary Kay Virtual Makeover site is completely free to use and can be used for any look or occasion, not just your wedding day. I have even used this site to try out new hairstyles before heading to the salon. So now there is no reason to fly blind on your big day by not knowing whether a certain shade or product will look good on your skin tone. The Mary Kay Virtual Makeup site is a definite step to take in order to achieve your ultimate bridal beauty.

Tip #2

Find a quality makeup finishing spray so your makeup will last for hours without having to constantly touch-up. One of my favorite makeup finishing sprays comes from the Skindinavia line. They actually offer nine different finishing sprays, depending on your needs, including one called Bridal Makeup Finish (Compare Prices). The Skindinavia finishing spray is perfect for your wedding day because it contains a unique technology that actually cools the makeup surface up to 20 degrees to help prevent melting, sliding, and loss of color. It disperses in a lightweight mist so it's really quick and easy to use all over your face and décolleté area.

The Bridal Makeup Finish works well with all types of makeup, and will actually make your wedding makeup tear and moisture resistant. Also, it helps to fight the creasing and chalkiness that sometimes takes place when you are wearing heavier makeup or are doing touch-ups with powder throughout the day. I personally tried the Bridal Makeup Finish, as well as three other Skindinavia Mists (Compare Prices), and use one of them daily even though I haven't been a bride in years. Basically, anything that can make mineral powder makeup wear all day is a definitely must-have for your wedding day and every day thereafter.

Tips #3

Prepare your skin before you even think about what makeup to wear for your wedding. There are several steps to take in prepping your skin prior to your big day, but you should begin with good skincare. Whether you have good or bad skin, at least 4 weeks before your wedding you should have a good skincare regime in place for both morning and night. Our Guide to Skin Care, Jen Adkins, had a great interview with celebrity makeup artist Robert Jones who gave some great tips and techniques for pre-wedding skincare. I love Robert's tips and completely agree with each of them

Once you get your skin good and healthy, you should also prep your skin on your big day by using a good moisturizer for your skin type, including an eye cream, and then using a great makeup primer before your makeup is applied. There are many makeup primers available but two of my favorites are Oclipse™ Sunscreen and Primer SPF30 (Compare Prices) and Stila Hydrating Primer SPF15 (Compare Prices). The Oclipse™ Makeup Primer costs a little more than the Stila Primer, but it also does a little more buy stimulating collagen production in the skin as well as infusing your skin with vitamin E to help fight free radicals. But no matter which primer you use, the bottom line is to ensure that you are in fact using one before you have your makeup applied for your wedding. The combination of the primer and the makeup finishing spray from tip #2 will ensure that your makeup should last through the wedding, reception, and throughout the night.

Tip #4

Be prepared for touch-ups, just incase something does start to fade. Really, you never know what's going to take place during a wedding, and even though I would love to think that a makeup primer and makeup finishing spray will secure your makeup even during a monsoon, it's just not feasible. So the best way is to be prepared for emergency touch-ups during the day and night as well. My suggestion is to have a small cosmetic bag on hand or very close by, and have the essentials packed inside.

So what are the essentials? You should have a packet of oil-blotting papers, a small concealer, a powder compact, your favorite eyeliner and lip liner, a clear/pink lip gloss, and a good multi-tasking cheek and lip color. One great company that can put together a single compact based on your preferences, where you can have your lipstick, blush, and eye colors in one convenient case, is Mary Kay. Remember in tip #1 when I told you about the Virtual Makeover site? Remember that they can also put together a compact of your favorites from the selections you made on their site. But if you have your favorites already in mind, and they aren't Mary Kay, then simply grab one of the dozen cosmetic bags that you scored from a previous gift with purchase and keep it nearby. A final tip, since I didn't mention mascara, is to make sure that when you apply your mascara it is waterproof. It's hard to touch-up mascara without having to redo your eye makeup and under eye concealer, so put your mind at ease from the beginning and use a good waterproof mascara.

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