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Face Fundamentals

In a sea of endless products, which products do you need for a great look? All women should have the basic essentials for their face, such as a good foundation or tinted moisturizer, powder, and at least one treatment item to wear under it. Pick an item you would like to know more about and then immerse yourself in how-to's, product reviews, and the top splurges and steals for a great look.
  1. Foundation and Concealer (40)
  2. Mineral Makeup (27)
  3. Powder & Bronzers (8)
  4. Tinted Moisturizer (4)
  5. Treatment Products (8)

Beauty Tips for a Rock Concert
If you have ever been to a concert, no matter what genre the band may fall under, it's always hard to decide what your makeup and beauty routine should be. No matter the location or band there certain beauty tips that everyone can use for all concert occasions, rock concert or not.

Makeup Primer - Top 10 Anti-Aging Makeup Primer Splurges and Steals
Sometimes finding the perfect mature skin foundation is impossible, so what are you supposed to do? Instead of focusing on what the foundation can or cant do, focus on what you should apply before your foundation.

Get the Look - Elaine Irwin's Golden Globes 2011 After Party Look
Elaine Irwin is the brand ambassador for Almay Cosmetics. After the 2011 Golden Globes Elaine looked fabulous at the after parties in her Almay cosmetics. So if you want to look as glamorous as Elaine Irwin, then here are the fabulous Almay products to help you get the look.

Travel Must-Haves $20 and Under
Whether it's the holidays and you're traveling to see family or it's spring break and you're off to somewhere warm, there are travel must-haves that you should never leave home without. The best part is that they are very affordable and will cost you $20 or less.

Review of the Hold Me Bag
The Hold Me Company is a brilliant company that has come out with a line of not-so-standard makeup bags. Instead of bright colors and vinyl linings, Hold Me Bags are soft and chic with beautiful stitching and a fabulous tie around instead of the horrid and otherwise normal snap or Velcro. However, looks aren't always the bottom line, so are the bags functional and easy to clean?

Review of Youthful Trends Caffeinated Makeup Primer
Greensations has branched out toward makeup by creating a new Caffeinated Makeup Primer, which is supposed to work with all makeup while keeping it in place all day and tightening your skin at the same time. So the question is, does it work and is it any better than your regular run-of-the-mill makeup primer?

Review of Miracle Skin Transformer SPF20
Beauty industry expert, Sarah McNamara, has created a new multi-tasking product whose job is to give you buildable coverage while adding in antioxidants and an SPF20. McNamara states that Miracle Skin Transformer works as a luminous, yet weightless, hydrating base with a buildable coverage that works to transforms your skin into a beautiful airbrushed finish. So does the product actually work?

Top Vacation Product Splurges and Steals
Great vacation product ideas to fit every budget.

My 2010 CEW Beauty Award Finalist Picks - Splurges and Steals
The CEW Beauty Award Finalists 2010 have been chosen and I chose my favorite from each category in both splurge and steal.

Bridal Beauty Tips
Your wedding day is one of the biggest moments of your life and every woman wants to look perfect and as close to a Princess as possible. Most women will have their hair done professionally, but what about your makeup? Whether you hire a makeup artist or do it yourself, there are some great bridal beauty tips available to help you know what...

Top 20 Summer Product Must-Haves
Summer is quickly sneaking up on us, which means it's time to change your makeup wardrobe to fit the season. Summer is all about shimmer and sun-kissed skin, but there are other things to keep in mind too, such as sunscreen, self tanner, and insect repellants. This summer, make the most of your time outdoors by being prepared with these great...

More Summer Product Must-Haves
With summer in full swing, there is so much to get out and enjoy while the days are long and warm. So the last thing you need to do is worry about what makeup products you should have on hand for summertime fun. Instead of buying too much or not having the rights products, relax and enjoy the season because we have done the research for you.

Homemade Makeup Tips
If you have ever looked in your medicine cabinet, pantry, or refrigerator you may have noticed that there are several food or general beauty items that you could actually use for homemade makeup. When youre in a pinch for a lip stain, eyeshadow, or face powder there is no need to make a mad dash to your local pharmacy. Instead head for your bathroom or your kitchen.

You -VS- The Makeup Counter (Round One)
Approaching a makeup counter in the mall can be intimidating and sometimes scary at times, especially if you are unsure of yourself or your skin isn't exactly perfect. As an ex-makeup artist and makeup counter cosmetics-slinger, I am going to tell you how to approach them, what to ask, what to look for, and how to feel more comfortable while doing it.

You -VS- the Makeup Counter (Round Two)
In a continuation of You -VS- the Makeup Counter (Round One), round two will cover what you should think of asking while at the counter. Plus, while you are there, you should also know what to actually look for so you don't waste your time or money. So strap on your boxing gloves and get ready for round two of the makeup counter battle.

You -VS- the Makeup Counter (Round Three)
In a continuation of You -VS- The Makeup Counter (Round One) and Round, Round Three will cover the final battle on how to return an item without feeling intimidated or having your name black-listed forever. So strap on your boxing gloves and prepare to win the final round, and then you can be afraid of the makeup counter no longer.

Review of Stila's New Hydrating Products
Stila's new Hydrating products are a must-have if you want a flawless face. Having an SPF15 and a time-released moisturizer in the makeup primer is brilliant. While the Hydrating Finishing Powder is formulated for all skin colors and types, which takes the guess work out of makeup.

Makeup Tips - What to Wear at an Amusement Park
The fun of riding thrill rides, eating food you normally wouldn't eat, and getting completely drenched with your clothes on is something that most people have to revisit yearly, if not many times a year. But have you ever wondered what makeup you should wear while at the park? Well, wonder no longer because we've got you covered.

Review of Lauren Hutton Face Disc
Lauren Hutton is an iconic image of the fashion industry. She has taken her past experience and knowledge of makeup to make her own brand of makeup for women with more mature skin. Lauren's Face Disc was made to help women grab one thing, apply the makeup they need, and then go. The convenience of the packaging was a great idea, but how good are the actual products?

Quick Tips: Stop Makeup Meltdown
Memorial Day is the unofficial kick-off for summer time, which means the heat is about to wreak havoc on your makeup. But no matter what time of year it is, your makeup can have a meltdown at any time of the day. So how can you stop this from happening? There are some really easy quick tips that will help stop makeup meltdown.

You Need This: Smith's Rosebud Salve
Today is about multi-tasking, so why not have a product that multi-tasks as well? Smith's Rosebud Salve is a true multi-tasker, since it can be used on lips, face, body, and even hair. That is why you definitely need this universal product.

Thrifty Makeup Tips - Tips for Stretching Your Makeup's Life
Things can be tough at times, which can make it difficult to keep purchasing your favorite makeup items when the cosmetic companies suggest. Well, your makeup can last longer than you realize, plus there are ways to save you money by not tossing the left-overs in the trash.

How to Look Professional in 5-Minutes
Whether you are already a business woman or you have a job interview, you should make sure that your makeup looks appropriate. So if you are already living life in high speed, there will be little time for makeup. However, there are some very quick and easy steps to take, so you can look professional in 5-minutes or less.

Quick Tips - When to Toss Out Your Makeup
Some makeup has a longer life than others, and some of the more natural items can expire before the regular ones. So how do you know when to toss out your makeup and start fresh? Generally, some products should be tossed out every season while others can last for at least two years. Here is a quick tip guide for you to use as a general rule of...

Glow Enhancer for Spring
InStyle Magazine lists The Body Shop's Pink Glow Enhancer as a top 20 pick for Spring.

Makeup Quiz-Do You Know Your Makeup?
How knowledgeable are you about the makeup that you use? Take this interesting quiz and find out.

What to Choose: Foundation, BB, or CC Creams?
Foundations, BB Creams, and CC Creams made easy! Which one will you choose?

A Makeup Artists Guide for Concealer
everything you need to know about concealer and how to use it, read my makeup artists tips for finding the perfect concealer for you!

3 Waterproof Eyeliners You Need Right Now
Ever wondered how to get your eyeliner to stop running? Look no further! Read this article featuring the best waterproof eyeliners on the market.

The Truth About Foundation Primers
Find the perfect foundation primer for you no matter what your skin type is!

A Makeup Artists Guide To Surviving A Melt Down
How to fix your makeup after crying

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