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Eye Artistry

It has been said that "the eyes are the windows to the soul". If this is true then eye makeup could be seen as the window dressing. Explore the world of eye makeup and find the style that suits your soul's expression.
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Top Eye Makeup for Summer
Our list of the top eye makeup must-haves for summetime.

Get the Look - Elaine Irwin's Golden Globes 2011 After Party Look
Elaine Irwin is the brand ambassador for Almay Cosmetics. After the 2011 Golden Globes Elaine looked fabulous at the after parties in her Almay cosmetics. So if you want to look as glamorous as Elaine Irwin, then here are the fabulous Almay products to help you get the look.

My Favorite Eye Makeup Looks
Eye makeup is always on the top of most women's favorite list. Whether you wear full eye makeup or only show off your lashes with mascara and no eyeshadow, everyone has a personal favorite that helps them to feel their best. Share your best eye makeup looks with us and give us your best tips and tricks for a great eye look. See submissions See submissions

Review of the Aveda Uruku Collection
Aveda has been partnered with the Yawanawa people of the Brazilian Amazon since 1993. For the anniversary celebration they are re-launching their Uruku collection, including some new additions. Current colors are available and new products and added shades will be available August 10, 2008.

How To Make Your Eyes Appear Younger
Let’s face it; once you begin creeping near the wonderful age of 30, you start to notice little lines forming around your eyes. Even those lucky enough to have good genes cannot fight the inevitable fact that aging equals wrinkles. And they say 40 is fabulous and 50 is even better, but tell that to your eyes because for some reason I don’t think they got the memo.

Use Your Eyes to Slim Down Your Face
Tips on how enhancing your eyes will help make your face slimmer.

HIP is the Best Inexpensive Eyeshadow
In Style Magazine has listed L'oreal HIP Eyeshadow as the best inexpensive eyeshadow on the market. Have you tried HIP yet?

Red Carpet Eye Tips
Chanel makeup artist, Monika Blunder, suggests tips for getting glamorous eyes.

3 Waterproof Eyeliners You Need Right Now
Ever wondered how to get your eyeliner to stop running? Look no further! Read this article featuring the best waterproof eyeliners on the market.

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