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Profiles and Interviews

Ever wonder what cosmetic companies are out there in the sea of endless makeup options? Browse through the profiles of various cosmetic companies, from the well known to the up and comers.

Profile of Christopher Drummond Beauty
Christopher Drummond Beauty is a beauty company created by celebrity makeup artist Christopher Drummond. Using only organic-based and natural ingredients, the Christopher Drummond Beauty line gives you a flawless Hollywood look without worrying about hidden toxins or irritants.

100% Pure
100% Pure is a company that manufactures makeup, skin care, hair care and kids products that are 100% pure and free from synthetics, chemicals, artificial fragrances, detergents, artificial colors and toxins including lead. Basically you get a great product that is completely natural and certified organic, without concern for your health.

Makeup Recycling Programs
Being "green" and recycling to save the planet is a big thing right now. Most households across the country participate in some sort of recycling program, but sometimes you just don't know if you can recycle certain things such as makeup containers. Well, several of the major cosmetic and beauty lines have wonderful recycling programs. The kicker is that sometimes you're rewarded with a nice freebie of thanks from the company, all while doing your part in saving the planet.

KohGenDo Cosmetics
KohGenDo is a cosmetic company from Japan. They have made their mark on the industry by selling their products to the film and TV, as well as to the general public for 22-years. Currently they are branching out to the US, where they have already been used in various TV and film productions.

Interview with Rudy Miles
Rudy Miles has worked with some of the top celebrities, supermodels, and fashion designers. Currently he is one of the industry's leading makeup artists, as well as the global makeup director for Aveda's Uruku Collection. During his work with Aveda he has helped to develop new products, create new makeup techniques, and teach professional makeup classes.

Marcia Kilgore, Founder of Bliss Spas
Marcia Kilgore is the founder of Bliss Spas and Soap and Glory. Her personal search for clear skin began her down the road of creating her own fabulous line. Now partnered with Target, Marcia has been able to give all consumers high quality affordable products.

Guest Author Rachel Coyne
Rachel Coyne has a BA in English from the University of Massachusetts, Amherst, and spends her days as an associate editor and contributing writer at www.trailerspy.com. She is also a connoisseur (some might say an obsessed one) of makeup and beauty products, and is always on the hunt for new products to help perfect a more polished look.

Everyday Minerals Cosmetics
Carina Menzies founded Everyday Minerals in hopes of bringing women real makeup and skincare that is not only good for them, but affordable as well.

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