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Quick Tips: Emphasizing Your Cheeks

Contour, color, and highlight with ease


Quick Tips: Emphasizing Your Cheeks
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Too much color on your cheeks can make you look clown-like, while not enough can wash you out. So where is the perfect balance for emphasizing your natural cheek tone and definition? It's a lot easier than we make it seem.

Things You Will Need:

  • Blush brush such as MAC Powder/Blush Brush (Compare Prices)
  • Angled brush such as Ulta's Contour Blush Brush (Compare Prices)
  • Contour color such as Physicians Formula Planet Blush 2-in-1 Highlighter and Blush (Compare Prices)
  • Light pink blush such as CoverGirl Cheekers in Natural Rose (Compare Prices)
  • Peach blush such as Clinique Quick Blush Peach In A Pinch (Compare Prices)
  • Highlighter (optional) such as Clinique Up-Lighting Liquid Illuminator in Natural (Compare Prices)
  • Carving Your Cheeks

    Begin by swirling the angled brush in the contour cheek color palette. Normally contour colors are slightly darker than your skin tone and can resemble bronzer. Of course, if you don't have a contour color then feel free to use a light shade bronzing powder. Once the brush is coated place the brush at an angle beginning at the point where your ear and cheekbone begin. Simply sweep the brush in a "c" motion, following the bottom curve of you cheekbone. You should see a definite line, which is what you need at first.

    Blend and Add Color

    Using the same angled brush quickly "sweep", back and forth, the contour color onto your cheek area. Once the line is blended you can focus on adding a pop of blush. Begin by dabbing you regular blush brush in the light pink blush. Now look in the mirror and smile. The high points of your cheeks, or the apple area, is wear you want to pop on dot of pink on each cheek. Just dab it and stop. Now sweep the blush brush on the back of your hand to remove leftover blush color. Once removed, gently sweep and swirl the blush brush on the apple or high points of your cheeks, while you continue to smile.

    Once the pink is in place sweep your blush brush in the peach colored palette. The peach color is going to be placed in the area from the apple of the cheek toward the nose, on both sides. Normally this area is approximately two finger widths beside your nose. Do not add the color directly from the palette. Instead apply the color to the brush and then dust the brush onto the back of your hand, in order to remove excess color. Once dusted, sweep the brush very lightly in the area between your nose and the high point, or apple, of your cheeks. After you dust both sides you can quickly sweep the brush across the bridge of your nose as well. This technique and color will give you a more blended and glowing look, connecting the contour and pink shades to make your cheeks look more natural.

    Add Some Shimmer for Highlighting

    Once your done you may also add a touch of shimmer to the area above the apple area of your cheeks. This is usually the small area right below your under eye area. Just a little dab will do for perfect highlighting, making sure not to go into the under eye area or add too much shimmer which can make you look like a fairy. If you have a liquid shimmer then you can pat some on the back of you hand, and then use two to three fingers to lightly pat onto your cheek area. This will give your cheeks that red carpet look of a dewy glow.

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