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Review of Nails Inc. Magnetic Nail Polish

Magnetic Nail Polish as Nail Art?

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Nails Inc. Magnetic Nail Polish in House of Parliament
Picture Taken by: Faith Lawless
We all love nail polish and nail art is a must-have trend, but sometimes it isn’t easy to achieve this chic nail look. Enter Nails Inc. with their Magnetic Nail Polish. No, your nails aren’t technically magnetic, but the bottle does come with a magnetic cap which allows you to change the nail polish from pretty to wow within seconds. The question is, does it work and does it look like the must-have nail art trends? We put it to the test to see if it works, and if it looks chic enough for nail art.

Nails Inc. Magentic Nail Polish Pros and Cons


- Gives your nails a great nail art look

- Easy to use

- Affordable and fast

- Great colors


- Chipped the next day even with proper nail prep and top coat

- Only comes in three shades

Description of Nails Inc. Magentic Nail Polish

- Manufacturer: Nails Inc. London

- Available Shades: Trafalgar Square, House of Parliament, and Big Ben

- Can be purchased from Nails Inc. website or at Sephora stores

- Size: 0.33 ounces

- Suggested Price: $16 each, or all three for $30

Guide Review of Nails Inc. Magnetic Nail Polish

When the bottle of Nails Inc. Magnetic Nail Polish arrived it looked like every other bottle of nail polish, but when I looked closer I noticed a lip on the cap along with a black rectangle. I wasn’t 100% sure how to use the product and the bottle I received did not have the directions in English, so I looked online. To be fair, once you apply the nail polish once it’s super easy to use, and you can get the nail art look down very quick.

Anyway, the Magnetic Nail Polish is available in three shades. I was able to test House of Parliament, which is the metallic purple shade. The remaining two colors include Trafalgar Square (a metallic silver) and Big Ben (a metallic gold), and even though the shades are limited they are very trendy colors. House of Parliament gives your pre-nail art nails a very pretty and must-have deep purple tone. Once you use the magnet your nails are transformed to a cool nail art look that involves a black ripple-like effect. It was probably a very dark purple effect, but it comes across as black to the naked eye. The other shades give the same look, by adding a darker hue of the applied nail polish in a ripple-like effect on your nails. So Big Ben adds deep golden ripples while Trafalgar Square adds a dark gray/silver effect. The overall two-tone effect on your nails gives a great textured look, which is big for fall nail looks.

So how easy was it to create the nail art look with the magnet? Actually, it was super easy! All you have to do is apply one coat of the nail polish, and allow it to dry. Then, one nail at a time, apply a second coat of nail polish followed by the magnetic cap. Once you apply the second coat you simply flip the cap over your nail, placing the lip just below your cuticle. After holding the cap in place for 15 seconds you move on to the next nail, until you finish both hands. I followed up with a top coat once the nail polish had dried. The overall process was as easy as applying regular nail polish, but the result is great looking nails that looked like I had spent an hour perfecting.

Overall I was really excited about Nails Inc. Magnetic Nail Polish, especially because the shade was a metallic must-have for this fall/winter. I absolutely loved the ripple effect from the magnet, and I received many compliments that day with my finished nails. I believe this is a great idea for all of us that want really chic nail art, but don’t have time to have it done or to do it ourselves. Plus, the magical transformation from regular nail color to rippled nail color will floor you. The downside was the overall wear of the nail polish. Even after prepping my nails and using a top coat, the polish had chipped by the next day. Sure it was easy to fix and it wasn’t a major chip, but I do expect nail polish to wear longer than one day. If Nails Inc. perfects the formula from chipping so soon then they will have a homerun. Until then they have a really fun and chic product, for one day at least.

The Bottom Line: The transformation from regular color to cool nail art will floor you. Nail Inc. gives you an affordable, fun and fast version of nail art for our busy lives.

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