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Self Tanner - Top Self Tanner Splurges and Deals
... skin can look pretty lifeless. So what can you do? Let's play it safe and grab a bottle of self tanner, then you can get ready to shop for that new hot bathing suit.
Self Tanner - How do I Correct Self Tanning Mistakes? - Makeup
Whether you are an avid self tanner or just starting out, we have all made some sort of self tanning mistake. If you have darkened knees and elbows, streaks, ...
Self Tanner - How to Apply Self Tanner - Makeup - About.com
Before you even think of hitting the beach or stepping foot into a swimsuit, you should think of using a self tanner. After all, you don't want to blind everybody with ...
Self Tanners: The 15 Best on the Market - Beauty - About.com
Which self tanner lotions and sprays work best and which ones don't smell? We run down the 15 best self-tanners that won't turn you orange.
How to Fix a Streaky Tan from Self-Tanner - Beauty - About.com
Uh-oh, your self-tanning effort has resulted in orange streaks. Don't worry, you're not stuck looking like a candy corn. These tips will erase the orange streaks in ...
Applying Self Tanner: 7 Mistakes You're Making
Most of us love the results of a self tanner, but applying it can be such a hassle and if it isn't done right, it can be a downright disaster. Don't let the fear of using a  ...
Fake Self-Tanning Application and Tips - Beauty - About.com
For upward of $60, you can get one of many options: Full body exfoliation and professional application of self-tanner, airbrush bronzing (where an aesthetician  ...
Best Drugstore Self-Tanners - Budget Style - About.com
As close as you can get to an idiot-proof self-tanner, this lotion is the one to try if you have problems with streaks, spots, etc. An informal poll of our testing pool ...
How to Remove Self Tanner Stains from Clothes
Self tanner can make you look sun-kissed and healthy. It doesn't look so great on your clothes. Learn how to remove self tanner stains. Answer: The entire ...
How to Apply Self-Tanner on Your Body - Beauty - About.com
A great self-tanner can be a huge confidence booster. Nothing is more slimming than a tan, but lying out in the sun to get one isn't exactly healthy. A fake tan is ...
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