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Self Tanner - How to Apply Self Tanner - Makeup - About.com
Before you even think of hitting the beach or stepping foot into a swimsuit, you should think of using a self tanner. After all, you don't want to blind everybody with ...
Apply Self Tanner - Makeup - About.com
After using a scrub on the area you plan to self tan, you may now begin applying the tanner. Apply the tanner using tight fingers and long swipes, just as if you ...
Self Tanner - Top Self Tanner Splurges and Deals
... skin can look pretty lifeless. So what can you do? Let's play it safe and grab a bottle of self tanner, then you can get ready to shop for that new hot bathing suit.
Applying Self Tanner: 7 Mistakes You're Making
When it comes to applying self tanner, it can turn out really great or really terrible. If you want to avoid the terrible, don't make these 7 mistakes.
Fake Self-Tanning Application and Tips - Beauty - About.com
Find out how to properly apply self tanners to your face and body.
Tips to Get a Streak-Free Tan From a Self Tanning Lotion - Skin Care
Applying self tanning lotions take practice, but if you follow these suggestions and add a little patience, applying the self tanning lotion will be easier and your ...
How to Apply Self-Tanner on Your Body - Beauty - About.com
A great self-tanner can be a huge confidence booster. Nothing is more slimming than a tan, but lying out in the sun to get one isn't exactly healthy. A fake tan is ...
How to Remove Self Tanner - Skin Care - About.com
It is always recommended to apply self tanner with gloves on so you don't stain the palms of your skin or your fingernails, but it can also be tricky in making it not  ...
How to Apply Sunless Tanner Video - Beauty - About.com
You don't need the sun for the perfect tan. Sunless tanner is perfect for those with fair skin and don't want to burn. Watch our video to learn how to apply it.
Self Tanners - What You Need to Know About Self Tanners
Once you've chosen your self tanner, wash and exfoliate your face and body thoroughly before applying the product. This will wash away any dead skin which  ...
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